Sure Where Would You Get It?


Seapoint east beach, Dublin, last night.

(Thanks Craig O’Toole)



9 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

      1. dav

        A dose of the owld crypto might make you take water quality a bit more seriously.. A lovely picture cannot cover up the faeces in the water..

        1. Papi

          Pathetic implies they’re not very good at selling off the resource which, in this case, you’re saying is faeces?
          I’m not getting it.

          1. dav

            oh dear, I must be dealing with one of Phil Hogans underlings..
            Hi, The leaking sewerage plant is run by irish water – the pathetic attempt by your fellow blushirts to sell off a national resource – Water and access to same.
            Faeces, is what leaks out of an Irish water run facility and dribbles out of your minister’s mouths every time they stand up in the Dáil. Hope that helps

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