Living In A Bubble


1980s ‘woonball’ housing in the Dutch municipality of Hertogenbosch, north-west of Eindhoven.

Designed by the late Dutch artist and architect Dries Kreijkamp and still fully occupied 35 years on, the 5.5m diameter PVC bubbles of the ‘Bolwoningen’ sit on cast concrete plinths with an internal staircases connecting two bedrooms on the bottom floor, a kitchen and bathroom on the first and living space with a panoramic view up top.


19 thoughts on “Living In A Bubble

    1. Boj

      The douche-room is behind that doorway yer man is coming down the stairs from.
      Dodgy dealings in that living room. Drug dealers? Pimps? Imagination running away from me?

  1. Cú Chulainn

    PVC, might get a little sweaty, but how about 5,000 of them at the back of the park.. sort out the housing crisis ..

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Once when I was trying to get back into one of these yokes, the door wouldn’t open.
    I kept telling HAL to open the door, but he wouldn’t open the door.
    And I really, really needed to get in.

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