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  1. paddy apathy

    Have you posted the papers different than usual BS? Can’t tap to enlarge on android phone. Also layout has a frame where previously there wasn’t one.

  2. eoin

    Well, that’s a line drawn under the John Delaney controversy…..


    He’s taken a €240,000 reduction in salary in his move to a newly created role at the FAI, which places him at the heart of what must be the sleaziest part of international football, judging venues and awarding contracts.

    It’s revealed that he had a €3,000 a month housing benefit (FAI paid for him to live in a house in Malahide). As Vanessa will point out, the related party transaction note to the accounts reveals his €360,000 salary. Why isn’t the €36,000 housing benefit revealed? Not to mention the €100,000 alleged short term bridging loan? Deloitte? Anyone know a good chartered accountant that know the answer to that.

    1. eoin

      It’s getting nasty in FAI-land. The Sunday Times reports

      “Noel Rock, a Fine Gael TD and member of the committee, had said last week that Delaney should step down.
      Rock claimed that, since he made that statement on Thursday, he had been told that the FAI had been briefing against him, including saying that he had sought complimentary tickets for Ireland’s game against Austria in Vienna in November 2016. Rock said in fact he attended the match as a guest of the taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who was minister for social protection at the time.”

      1. eoin

        The Sindo says Noel Rock TD lodged a complaint about the FAI with the corporate watchdog last week. Noel’s complaining to the ODCE about “undisclosed expenditure and balance sheet issues”, so, we’re none the wiser. It does seem to me though the €3,000 a month housing benefit payment by the FAI to John Delaney wasn’t disclosed, so maybe it’s to do with that.

      2. Martco


        Delaney will be allowed to fade out of view just like that other IOC maggot got to in the end. TICKETS. and lots of them. Be certain he’ll have so many corporate entertainment tentacles into the great & good (hell even anyone who has been thru the IMI in their lives) that there’s no way anyone will open their beak. Meanwhile Delaney will stay at the tiller – the one more compatible to him & his wider interests.

        FAI have had questions to answer for years…jesus where to start?! Swimming in money yet without the wherewithal to supply underage clubs with basics like jerseys or have any kind of comparable local league standard for young upcoming players to aspire to (the kids all still looking to England where they have fupp all chance of ever making it))

        This situation with Delaney is hardly revelatory & it’s a direct look into the Irish personality complex. Shure ’twas all grand up until that night in Paris, hmm?

          1. Braindeadsrus

            The report above highlights no illegal behavior

            Just as the summarized Barr letter doesn’t exonerate Trump

            It also doesn’t say “ no collusion” – it says no evidence of collusion despite multiple efforts of Russian operatives

            Don’t let the truth come between you and your maniacal denials of fact

    2. V for Frilly

      I dunno where to start Eoin

      The related party transactions: I suppose;
      That needs full clarity asap, fortunately there is a Hon. Treasurer and Audit Committee within the Governance therefore there should be no waiting about for an explanation (s). But I’ll add:

      JD is an Employee / Director and there is 360k posted into Emoluments which is exactly where I would expect his salary etc it to be isolated for the purposes of the Financial Statements.
      So was the total of 360k in RPTs plus his salary ?

      Which on its own is interesting – that it just gives a rounded 360k as his Gross Wage interesting.
      Because I would argue the CEO/ Director *total payroll cost should be presented as that is the charge in the p&l / payroll for the year (* ER PRSI + Pension+ Car Allowance + )
      And I think that’s what stakeholders and the users of Accounts should know about the organisation’s most expensive ‘back office’ employee. An employee who clearly and undoubtedly excerts more than a healthy amount of influence.

      Regarding the association renting a property for him
      That’s up to them, but the stakeholders / users of the Accounts should be told as it’s not ( open to correction btw) the norm for long term accommodation to be provided – like, it’s not that he’s a Paddy based in Hong Kong and has the kids in boarding school.

      But it’s definitely a BIK matter for revenue purposes

      I have a suspicion around the *100k sub meself
      And ye know yerselves – where there one
      – his Dad also obliged the organisation with a similar dig out
      But I’ll let the Sunday experts roll that out

      (*Reducing BIK exposure MIGHT be a clue btw)

      Something for everyone to take a firm grip of for once and for all
      Here, PAC, the Radio Centre Talkshows, the ‘experts’ pundits and everyone else who wants to have a go

      Including JD there were 11 directors
      So there are 10 others to be equally accountable to everyone
      And it’s long past time where friends and connections to shareholders, ministers, connected parties, sponsors and jobs for the boys members are let off the hook.
      INM IW NAMA NCH this list goes on and on

      Corporate Governance is serious business
      And it needs to be the role of qualified and Independent Professionals
      The directors that sit idly by
      Collecting emoluments, freebies and expenses
      And voting as proscribed also need to be hauled in by PAC and ODCE

      …úck em

  3. eoin

    Sunday Times engages in annual bout of speculation about the wealthiest 300.

    They reckon DOB is down €1.8 billion to €2bn “and this may be generous”

    They reckon the Goodmans are up €1.8 billion to €2.4 billion.At least someone is making money out of beef in Ireland, amirite farmers, amirite.

          1. V for Frilly

            That new avatar suits up alright Brudder

            An’ you know full well I couldn’t be doing with a fella that takes longer t’ get ready t’ go out than I do

        1. SOQ

          I have a story- a real one.

          Knocking around gay London I kept running into one half of a couple I knew him from back home. He was just with friends, again and again. Turned out he was battering herself black and blue when he got home.

          Makes you think what previous partners of gay men go through before they finally accept eh?

          1. SOQ

            No I didn’t know him, I knew both of them equally.

            What is it with this on the fly editing?

          2. V for Frilly

            Just to be clear everyone
            Domestic Violence can happen within any walk of life
            Or not or whatever

            The only thing in common is it takes place behind closed doors
            And most of it goes unreported

  4. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    A lttle birdy told me someone attempted to hide money from divorce lawyers by loaning a significant some of money to his employer.

  5. eoin

    Buuuuuurrrrrn! Leo expresses his gratitude to the FFers for their confidence and supply for the past three years, from his speech last night.

    ” Fianna Fáil is a party with no ideas, no policies, no alternatives. I’m sorry Micheál, but hurling from the ditch isn’t a policy, conspiracy theories don’t constitute analysis, and finger wagging isn’t a solution.”

    1. Giggidygoo

      Two pro FG stories in the SBP. Must have gotten special press releases that the others didn’t.
      Smaller story about superman Neale Richmond getting the EPP to drop plans for tax, and an EU army. When you get to the last paragraph, Neale Richmond ‘declined to comment’.

      1. eoin

        So you’re the one buying the SBP! Tesco appears to have stopped stocking it. It was down at 25,000 average weekly circulation in the second half of 2018, the word on the street is that it’s now nudging 20,000.

  6. eoin

    Very little reporting in Irish media about yesterday’s weekly Yellow Vest protests in France. Soldiers have been deployed on the streets of France, which is a fact, though there’s contested speculation about their rules of engagement and when they can open fire. Certain rich neighbourhoods are heavily protected by police, which is nice for them. There’s a video circulating claiming to show a police helicopter dropping a cluster of tear gas grenades in Montpelier. According to the French government, protest numbers are down at around 15% of the peak last November, but have been increasing over the past fortnight.

    “This week, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner estimated that 40,500 people took part in protests around France, up from 14,500 a week ago. This week’s protests were more spread out, with just 5,000 estimated in Paris compared to 10,000 last Saturday”

  7. SOQ

    So- over a million on the streets of London yesterday and the revoke petition sitting at 5.1 million but the sky is the limit with that one. Farage says it is the Russians who are doing it and if they are, I have to hand to their data intelligence because the post code and the IP address must roughly match. Billboards from Led By Donkeys stalking Farage around the country like some sort of weird 1950’s si-fi movie of course.

    The peasants are revolting or in this case, the middle classes. Of course because it is an online petition, the age demographic would be younger but still, it certainly applies pressure to vote on it in the HP this week.

    1. bisted

      …5.1 million…the sky is the limit…still not 1/3 of the number who voted to leave the EU…who are about to be betrayed…who got up of their arses and went to a polling station and voted in a democratic referendum…where now democracy?

      1. Martco

        what do you imagine democracy is exactly?
        is it the frequency of a vote you are getting at there? like if we were to have 3x GE in the space of 3 years is democracy somehow being subverted, betrayed? who makes the rules for democracy exactly like acceptable frequency of a vote & where can I read up on them? not you specifically…I’m getting tired of this term being lobbed about..like on the Tory show (Marr of a Sunday)
        imo anyway it should be a fluid thing….votes, laws, constitutions. the world changes every second it turns. politicians tell fat lies to voters then get caught out. when do we get to fix that?
        what’s the harm in having another vote in this case? esp. on such a serious matter where its well known lies were pedalled & people were being asked to vote on an unknown quantity. ridiculous.

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