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    1. SOQ

      This is a story which surfaced over a month ago but now all of a sudden it is about the big bad EU. They haven’t even figured how it is going to work. Satellite is the obvious solution but there are huge risks if something goes wrong.

      We were supposed to have driver-less cars by now and look what happened there? It’s in the same realm as a technology solution to the border- it just doesn’t exist.

      1. Rob_G

        I’m sure Britain will be buying all of their cars from one of the economic powerhouses that they have trade deals with anyway – I’m sure that Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Faroe Islands will be able to sell them all the cars they need.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      By law, no Irish media can report on it until a verdict is returned, and rightfully so.

    2. dav

      there has been an extreme softly softly approach to this by the irish media to this since the story broke last year, I don’t expect this to change

  1. martco

    I was kinda wondering why the psni went to town on that poor oul hotel owner…makes a bit better sense now. making the Guards look good.

    1. eoin

      “Delaney comes face-to-face with culprit suspected of bringing tote bag full of tennis balls into stadium”

      1. martco

        his young fella “Ranking Jr.” is actually fairly decent in his own right…good to see art & skills being passed along into the current generation

  2. Kieran

    I know he gets paid an arm and a leg but, in fairness, that’s a fabulous piece of florid nonsense from BJ on the front page of the Telegraph.

    1. dav

      Mrs Merton’s interview of Debbie McGee ““So what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

      1. Charlie

        Apparently they’re together 3 years, engaged and by all accounts “madly in love”. In fairness.

  3. eoin

    Pity there’s no Facebook Live footage of the Saudi Arabian bombing of a hospital in Yemen yesterday which killed seven people including four children. I wonder what music the Saudi pilot was playing in his €150 million British Aerospace Typhoon as he dropped his US supplied guided bomb. I wonder were the children killed with a bloodless shock wave or were they blown to smithereens. I wonder what age the children were and if they thought they would be safe in a hospital.


    Will the Ceann Comhairle Sean O’Fearghaill be writing a condolensces letter to anyone? Will he fupp. When’s the next TD due in Saudi Arabia to promote trade.

  4. eoin

    So you have €80,000 cash that you want to invest, what do you do? Bank, credit union, no way. Goodbody, Davy, are you kidding, their funds are returning negatives. But there is one man who can double your money in 18 months. Using Contracts for Difference, CFDs, which might sound exotic but are really just bets on stock prices. Where will you find someone to manage such an investment? IFSC, some Fitzwilliam Square high flyer? From yesterday’s reporting of the Tipperary murder trial.

    “Ms Lowry had put up €80,000 for an investment know as a CFD which made a profit of €80,000 over 18 months and was split evenly between them [Ms Lowry and Mr Quirke]
    Gardaí put it to him that he could “see she had considerable cash flow and you were into the CFDs and you guided her towards them” and received a profit of €40,000 from her €80,000 investment.
    Mr Quirke replied: “I had put work into it, would you go without wages for a year-and-a-half?”

  5. eoin

    Fills you with confidence in our institutions? 3.5 years after RTE broadcasts undercover sting showing local councillors being bribed to help the development of windfarms and SIPO finally finds two of the three councillors “contravened Ethics in Public Office Act”, a third councillor has sought to stop the SIPO investigation by seeking a judicial review at the High Court.

    And what sanction has been imposed on the two councillors? Fines, jail, disbarment from acting as a councillor? Hahahaha.

  6. eoin

    63 hours to Brexit. The markets think Theresa May will get an extension ratified by the UK parliament or that her informal agreement to a short term extension doesn’t need parliamentary approval, and that British politicians will “crystallise a consensus” on a deal and the hardline Brexiteers will fall into line. For anyone who has watched aghast at the chaos in the UK in the past three years, it’s not inconceivable that, at 11pm on Friday, the UK is outside the EU without any deal.

    1. bisted

      …63 hours to betrayal of those in the UK who voted by a clear majority to leave the EU…Britania waives the rules…63 hours to the death of democracy in UK…

      1. ReproBertie

        “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.” – David Davis.

        1. bisted

          …UK voters have changed their mind…says who…all those opinion pollsters who unanimously predicted a remain vote…the 6 million boatey mcboatfaces calling for art50 to revoked…the biggest demonstration in London since the one calling for regime change in Iraq…

          1. ReproBertie

            “…UK voters have changed their mind…says who”
            Well their government could ask them and find out, no?

          2. martco

            so let’s imagine they crash & burn….
            the following week work starts on having another referendum to join the EU again which will be held in summer of 2020.
            is that allowed? tell me the rules please?

          3. bisted

            …why are you asking me…I don’t have a vote…DeGaulle vetoed UK joining in the first place and I doubt any application to rejoin would be accepted by other members…it is not UKs choice…they have made their decision…

    1. eoin

      A “bee” is right, scaremongering about the Shinners seeking a rule to stop banks selling your mortgage to a vulture unless you give your consent. The proposed new rule is being supported by the FFers and most of the Opposition so it should have no problem getting through the Oireachtas, but just watch the FGers do their level best to stop it.

  7. Johnny

    ‘The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced awards totaling $50 million to two whistleblowers whose high-quality information assisted the agency in bringing a successful enforcement action. One whistleblower received an award of $37 million and the other received an award of $13 million. The $37 million award is the Commission’s third-highest award to date after the $50 million award made in March 2018 to joint whistleblowers and more than $39 million award announced in September 2018. ‘


    It involved JP Morgan and some non disclosure/conflicts/issues in its wealth management div.

  8. henry

    A disturbing fact is the story about banks tightening up with small business
    Just as brexit is going into the unknown

    Just the confidence we all need as our inept government hope things will be grand
    Add into the mix the digital tax and the fact brexit has not resulted in those companies exiting the UK choosing Ireland as a base considering we are now the only English speaking country in Europe

    We have a country that the cost of living is out of control and once our tax regime is brought inline with other EU nations it is the cost of living that dictates wages and will make us uncompetative

    1. ReproBertie

      “the fact brexit has not resulted in those companies exiting the UK choosing Ireland as a base”

      Wrong again david.
      Martin Shanahan, the head of IDA Ireland, said that Brexit was directly linked to 55 new investment projects in Ireland that could create more than 4,500 jobs.


      “once our tax regime is brought inline with other EU nations”

      Not happening captain fearmonger.

  9. Johnny

    Rockland just outside NY has a number of large religious groups/cults.

    ‘Rockland County has declared a state of emergency over the ongoing measles outbreak, with Executive Ed Day announcing that non-vaccinated minors are now barred from public places.
    Now in effect, anyone who is under 18 years of age and is not vaccinated against the measles will be prohibited from public places until the declaration expires in 30 days or until they receive the MMR vaccination. ‘


    1. eoin

      Does Johnny know why Digicel bonds suffered a record one day drop yesterday and they’re trading at all time record lows today.

      1. Johnny

        Cause it a rubbish company,the founder is well dodgy ?
        Morning Eoin,coffee-markets not open just finishing breakfast but there was chaos or a bloodbath overnight in emerging markets / foreign exchange driven by Turkey-flight safety perhaps.
        Will take a look when I get in.

        1. johnny

          Eoin-does not appear to be ‘event’ driven in that there’s no real ‘news’ or announcements,sentiment or Haiti perhaps.
          Nothing in/on Moodys/Fitch/Bloomberg.
          But will try find out more-but most people I know in NY won’t touch Digicel-its mainly hedge funds out of London that own/trade the bonds these days-they have been junk for such a long time with no real upside.

          1. eoin

            Thanks Johnny, I suppose Digicel’s flash results for its last quarter are pretty much finalised now though they won’t be presented to bondholders for another two months; there will have been huge disruptions in Haiti as well as a deterioration in the currency and the value of its mobile licence there must be questionable.

            Could Digicel’s debt:earnings have rocketed to around 8.0 ($7bn of debt and profits below $900m).

  10. johnny

    -looks more like end quarter flight to safety-they have a very small ‘float’ or very little trading in them,someone like say Templeton throwing in the towel would have serious pricing implications
    -emerging markets are getting crushed-Turkey driving it
    -but nothing from a ‘event’ basis reported or even whispered/rumored
    -waiting for one the rating agencies or Bloomberg do a review the IT/INM reporting has been questionable,so until one the agencies issues something,I’d be cautious on the Irish papers coverage,especially financial.

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