10 thoughts on “Teddy’s Or Not?

  1. chimpy

    They are 2 very different things.
    Teddys for soft ice cream.
    Scrumdiddlys for gelato/scoop ice cream.
    Depends on what floats your (banana) boat.

    1. The Great Wall of Gammon

      Nothing treasonous about it. Every soft serve ice cream in the land is made with the same product. A company in Bray called Dairyglen makes the liquid ice cream that’s poured into the machine. It’s supplied in liter sized cartons and if you ever had the misfortune to taste it ‘raw’ and know what went into it you’d never touch the stuff. It’s like a sickly sweet gloopy condensed milk and it’s disgusting.

    1. Dub Spot

      Agreed. Flaky stuff now. Since Teddy’s franchised the whole thing, got vans, location end of DL East pier, etc., it’s definitely not #discoverdublin material. A bit like Burdocks, really. Greedy. Not authentic.

    2. martco

      completely agree BUT that scrimdiddleys gaff is even worse. “pigfat” icecream & a shovel of pick n mix on top..ffs. yet another Instashite driven big swinging mick€y….doughnut anyone?

    3. Rep

      Teddys is nostalgia. Its walking the pier as a kid on a sunny day and your folks getting you all a 99 at the end of it. It might always have been slightly above bog standard but its hard to tell because it comes wrapped in hazy childhood memories. I haven’t had one in years so no idea if that stays true.

  2. Captainpants

    Ireland has loads of crap things that were once the only thing available at a time when Spaghetti was seen as exotic.

    Bewleys Coffee, Tayto Crisps and Guinness.

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