Defiant Lines


This afternoon.

In Calais, France.

Lisa O’Carroll tweetz:

The new orange and green lanes for Brexit controls at Eurotunnel in Calais where media are being shown €15m worth of new infrastructure in place for potential no deal.


Lisa O’Carroll tweetz:

Finishing touches being out on the border inspection post in Eurotunnel in Calais. Nine inspection bays where trucks can be unloaded fully or partially: ground already reinforced for 44tonne trucks and 20 stables waiting to be built in next three weeks for horses

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One thought on “Defiant Lines

  1. henry

    Watching European news this morning the Chunnel or euro express seems to be in a spot of bother hopelessly unprepared for brexit

    Never ceases to amaze me how naïve multi billion euro companies are

    Another one is Boeing

    Aircraft costing tens or hundreds of millions as in Boeing 737 max 8 with engines and wings that are adapted from original that seem to have a problem with fuel that could cause a nose dive like the one in Africa
    came with optional software in case the buyer wanted to ensure 110% safety

    Or forgoing the optional extra and risking a fuel line glitch

    I just could not believe my ears

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