Yuriy Filatov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ireland

Your editorial Mueller Report: Open Questions (March 26th), reflecting on the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, in itself raises, perhaps unwittingly, some valid questions.

The article rather flatly declares that “we do know that the Russian government interfered repeatedly” in the US elections. That might be an article of faith (as well as useful political tool) in some quarters in Washington, but otherwise looks like a hollow allegation, not supported by any fact.

What kind of evidence is there to support such a claim? We certainly know the answer – there is none, since it has never been a policy of the Russian government to meddle in the US president elections, nor, for that matter, in the elections in any other country of the world.

One should respect the right of The Irish Times to hold an opinion of the US president and his policies. But is it not an interference in the US elections to make an outright claim that a legitimate president of a foreign country – whether you like him or not – is “unfit for office and must be replaced”? – Yours, etc,

Yuriy Filatov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ireland, to the editor of the Irish Times


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  1. eoin

    “Your editorial ….in itself raises, perhaps unwittingly, some valid questions.”


  2. Gabby

    DA and NIET. Greetings to Mr. Putin, your excellency. Russian newspapers don’t carry editorials suggesting that he be replaced by someone more morally acceptable.

  3. Termagant

    “Yours, etc.”
    I can only assume that in ambassadorial terms this is a savage insult

    1. f_lawless

      but isn’t that more of the same? No evidence presented, just US intelligence officials asserting a narrative.
      Also the thing with Time magazine is that it’s part of that ongoing trend where an elite group of tech industry billionaires are buying up failing legacy media brands, as means to further exert their influence. Time’s owner, Marc Benioff, has close ties with Hillary Clinton: has donated large amounts to the Clinton foundation, was even rumoured to a potential running mate candidate in 2016, and is outspoken in his disdain for Trump.

      On the other hand you have the forensic work done by a group of former US intelligence officials (led by the former technical director of the NSA, William Binney) who analysed the metadata attached to the DNC emails, and concluded that it “shows that the data had been transferred to an external storage device, such as a thumb drive, before WikiLeaks posted them”. So not a hack.

      Binney is an interesting figure – Worked at the NSA for 30+ years. Years before Edward Snowden, and after leaving the NSA, he claimed that the US authorities were secretly collecting everybody’s online data (misusing software which he originally developed). Of course corporate media never gave him any serious airtime but his claims turned out to be true. A highly credible commentator I would say.

  4. realPolithicks

    Of course if this happened in russia the editor and probably the editorial board would already be in a gulag somewhere.

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