Behold: the Karlman King – the world’s most expensive SUV.

Stealth bomber styling on the outside, bespoke ultra luxury on the inside with options ranging from retractable screens, ambient lighting and Nespresso machines to ballistic armour plating and whatever you’re having yourself.

Based on a Ford F550 with a V12, 6.8l engine, the top speed is limited to a paltry 140km/h on account of its colossal 5.9 tonne weight.

Yours for a hefty €1.77 million+.


11 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. blahblahblah

    I thought the outside was bad, but that interior bleeurrrghh – proof money can’t buy taste

    1. The Old Boy

      Somehow, the Yanks only manage to coax 288 horsepower out of that 6.7 litre engine. By contrast, Alfa squeeze 503 out of the 2.9 litre turbo in the Giulia Quadrifoglio (which I covet.)

  2. eoin

    “It’s not too bad.I can straighten it out with a hammer. Have a look in that box. Oops, I didn’t mean to do that.
    I’ll just tap it the other way.”

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