It’s All Kicking Off


Former CEO of the FAI John Delaney

Watch Dáil proceedings live here

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4 thoughts on “It’s All Kicking Off

  1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

    . Contingent on an independent audit….

    But shur’ they had one – Deloittes

    Another one will just see another Big 4 name

    While I’m here
    The Sports Council must surely send in Internal Auditors to organisations from time to time
    Same with the Auditor and Comptroller General
    And there’s nothing stopping Revenue to send a crew in
    Here’s a few more

    Why doesn’t the Dept for Sport and what ya you send a team in, or the ODCE

    What about CAB or the new Financial Crime Unit in AGS

    Have the Dáil run out of stuff to talk about
    Or are we all being expected to swallow this as meaningful action

    1. Panty Christ

      Don’t worry, Kieran Mulvey of INM and sport Ireland will see to it that Big JD is kept out of harms way.

  2. henry

    The only thing is a full revenue audit as
    This is the only audit that cannot be messed around with and their powers could jail anyone who is falsifying accounts or presenting creative accounting

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