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Tánaiste Simon Coveney


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  1. eoin

    “But once you start talking about checks anywhere near the Border, people will start delving into that and all of a sudden we’ll be the Government that reintroduced a physical border on the island of Ireland”

    Simon Coveney to Shane Ross, 15 January 2019, inadvertently picked up on reporters microphone

  2. Joe Small

    Oliver Callan openly supports Sinn Féin so everything he says should be viewed through that filter.
    I look forward to him mercilessly mocking Sinn Fein ministers in the years to some.
    Similarly, Frank Hall, a devout Fianna Fáiler, used to tear into the FG-Lab coalition on the 1970s in his Pictorial Weekly

      1. Martco

        @Repro did you get a chance yet to think about my question last night regarding the border?

          1. Martco

            I was musing what….gah see you answered just there now

            OK. but what you’re saying there is from a UK pov…placing the border in the Irish Sea? but what about from the EU pov?

            If that Irish Sea lark were to happen who will police that & with what? and who pays? we’re not exactly naturally gifted with a border patrol agency with boats & gear & manpower. the costs would be horrendous. and complex.

            so I’m betting the cost effective design is to quarantine us along with the UK.

            I’ve directly seen one specific example in my lifetime of how flaky paperwork customs controls can be (related to largescale importation of “grey” Japanese cars into the UK for years…via a humble holding pen down at Alexandra Basin no less :) ) there’s always ways to game a paper system, the EU know that & won’t be nice n easy about borders.

            main point anyway is that a border will physically exist & someone will have to pay for it – no matter what diplomatic population calming horsesht you’re been fed right now by likes of Coveney

          2. ReproBertie

            Quarantining us along with the UK would mean splitting the EU single market and customs union and, quite simply, that will not happen so a border in the Irish Sea would be fine with the EU. It would mean Northern Ireland forms part of the EU customs and regulatory union and, in fairness, that’s the only way to save the NI farming industry.

            The border being in the Irish Sea doesn’t mean boats patrolling the sea. It means customs points on the ports all across the island of Ireland instead of along the border. Anywhere that goods arrive onto the island there will have to be customs checks. If they arrive from the EU, they get waved through.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      When did a mediocre impressionist become a political commentatator worth noting? It’s not like he’s even a noted satirist, as his repetoire consists of “Who’s Mario doing?” and churning out a less funny version.

      Frank Hall, at least, had a brilliant grasp of satire. Bring back Eamon Morrissey as the Minister for Hardship!

  3. ScaryLady

    Yes – Simon should have all the answers to the Brexit sh*tshow – and its consequences – currently being played out in London. Why don’t you have all the answers Simon? WHY??

  4. realPolithicks

    Coveney comes across as being totally out of his depth, but then so do most of these jokers.

    1. SOQ

      Problem is, there is no floor to this crisis so everyone is out of their depth.

      Lies were told in a clever way which went way under the radar so were never challenged. There has never been a subversion of democracy like this before.

      The beginning of the information age.

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