“It Really Was Impossible To Do The Three Jobs”


Former CEO of Football Association of Ireland John Delaney

This morning.

Tipp FM is reporting that former CEO of the Football Association of Ireland John Delaney claims he stood down from his role as CEO – only to take up the newly created role of executive vice-president – due to his increased workload.

Mr Delaney told Jamie O’Flaherty on the radio station’s Extra Time Junior Football Podcast that he had been double and triple jobbing on countless projects which prompted the move.

After he was asked about his new role as executive vice-president of the FAI, Mr Delaney said:

“I’m really looking forward to it. The way it’s been with the association over the last number of years has been, in my own personal case, has been trying to attend grassroots football functions and games every weekend and I’ve given my life to that and I love it. I get great energy out of it. I love helping the clubs, I love meeting the volunteers.

“I love, I love grassroots people.

“And then during the week there’s an organisation with a turnover of €50million and 200 staff, so it’s a huge organisation now and then there’s a huge international dimension – I’m on the board of UEFA as it is.

“But apart from that there is a feasibility study to do a World Cup bid with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – there are meetings in England next week on that and that’s making significant progress.

“There’s an U21 bid for the U21 Euros with Northern Ireland in 2023.

“I mean it’s amazing that that round ball, the football can unite two associations in that regard.

“There’s centralised television deals to be done. We’re staring that process of negotiating that with UEFA which is, you know, a lot of money for the FAI which then means a lot of money for grassroots football and other projects.

“And I could go on. There’s the generation of revenue in other parts of the world like America and Australia – the Irish diaspora which we’ve never really looked at yet.

“And they’re just the snapshot of the projects that I’m now, you know, turning my attention to and it really was impossible to do the three jobs I just laid out to you for, for one person.

“And that’s why the association commissioned an independent report, just to split the duties.”

Mr Delaney is referring to a review of the FAI by Jonathan Hall & Associates.

Last week,  Fine Gael TD Noel Rock told the Dáil:

“Six weeks ago, Jonathan Hall Associates was appointed to provide a report on senior management structures and the role of chief executive officer, CEO, as the FAI plans for the launch of a new strategic report.

“No terms of reference have been published to date and, indeed, the FAI has not even responded to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport’s request for that report.

“Incredibly, within six weeks, that report has been produced in its entirety, with no redrafting required and its contents acted upon, via a unanimous vote of the board, culminating in the announcement of a brand new position for John Delaney. This absolutely stinks.”

In addition…

At 2.30pm 3.30pm today, Sport Ireland’s CEO John Treacy is set to appear before the Oireachtas sports committee to discuss the Football Association of Ireland.

He is expected to tell TDs and Senators that in relation to the Mr Delaney’s job change – just days after news of his €100,000 cheque to the FAI broke in The Sunday Times – Sport Ireland were not consulted about this decision.

Mr Treacy is expected to say that although the FAI put out a press release about this role move on the evening of Saturday, March 23 – the evening before The Sunday Times reported that the FAI had been paying €3,000-a-month rental payments for Mr Delaney while he was earning €360,000 – Sport Ireland wasn’t informed of the decision until it received a letter from the FAI on March 25.

Mr Treacy is also expected to say Sport Ireland was neither consulted on the commissioning or preparation of the Jonathan Hall & Associates report and has not received a copy of it.

Yesterday: ‘The FAI Letter Did Not Sufficiently Explain The Circumstances Of This Loan’

12 thoughts on ““It Really Was Impossible To Do The Three Jobs”

  1. martco

    John the Gaeity called, they’re looking for a panto lead for the Christmas show

    (but that’d be 4 jobs so you’re probably not too interested….wouldn’t want you attempting self harm now or anything like that)

    jasus w€pt

    1. newsjustin

      Or (until recently) as CEO employ strong, competent managers who can manage some of this terrible workload……like what a CEO is supposed to do.

      4 Questions for the FAI next week:
      Why did the FAI run out of money in 2017?
      Why didn’t it have any reserves?
      Why didn’t it have (or if it had, why didn’t it use?) a credit facility with a bank?
      Why did it decide it needed a loan from its CEO?

  2. eoin

    “Three jobs”?

    Five jobs at least, surely.

    John runs a loss-making furniture business in Tipperary, Gerfurn Limited
    John is also a director of an embattled property development business, JMPHE Limited (last weekend, the SBP had a re-run of a 2017 story about the business and its loans)

    And, being tongue-in-cheek, doesn’t he have another job operating his own personal call-centre for politicians and other influencers to blag* tickets to matches.

    Paying €903 for a €903 face value ticket with a value on the secondary market of up to €90,000 is, IMO, “blagging”

  3. Optimus Grime

    Did John ever hear they saying “Do one thing well as opposed loads of things poorly” I guess not!

  4. Ron

    This is a classic case of Monkey See Monkey Do from Delaney et al at the FAI. Sure don’t they watch their political masters display similar imcompetence and ineptitude, every day of the week with zero accountability and zero consequences. As usual the thick Irish Paddy voter acts oblivious to it all when in fact people should be screaming from the roof tops for an investigation into what has happened with public monies and the practices at the FAI.

    Regarding his self proclaimed appointment and the fact that that he and the board even went ahead with that decision is symptomatic of the disdain, arrogance, and middle finger style approach they give to taxpayers. The fact that he has even tried to do this is almost reminiscent of the dying days of Cowens inept Government where it was all crumbling down around him and he displayed the most pathetic attempts to keep his government alive by allocating who was left with multiple Ministerships.

    It’s very simple what needs to happen. The FAI need to explain in full the exact circumstances in which the loan was made and for what purpose. The Minister needs to bear serious pressure on the Board and replace them. John Delaney needs to go.

    And my final question that nobody is asking out loud is who authorised the decision to try and gag the newspaper from reporting it and who paid the exorbitant legal costs that a super injunction would cost?

  5. Rugbyfan

    end result will be do nothing and continue as is…the FAI board and Jd will remain and all will be forgotten.
    absolute joke of an administration. potential of an organisation to do well being held back by those who have each others back.

  6. Otis Blue

    In fairness I think John is being modest. Sure, didn’t the bould Dinny himself state that

    “John Delaney could run anything. John Delaney could run UEFA easily. He could run FIFA as far as I’m concerned — certainly better than [FIFA President] Sepp Blatter, and more honestly.”


    If it’s good enough for Dinny, (Hon. Life President of the FAI) then it should be good enough for the rest of us.

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