Well now, if it isn’t the International Space Station. To wit.

Using precise timing, the Earth-orbiting space platform was photographed in front of a partially lit gibbous Moon last month. The featured image was taken from Palo AltoCaliforniaUSA with an exposure time of only 1/667 of a second. In contrast, the duration of the transit of the ISS across the entire Moon was about half a second. A close inspection of this unusually crisp ISS silhouette will reveal the outlines of numerous solar panels and trusses. The bright crater Tycho is visible on the lower left, as well as comparatively rough, light colored terrain known as highlands, and relatively smooth, dark colored areas known as maria.

(Image: Eric Holland)


11 thoughts on “Moon Shadow

    1. Paulus 2

      And a nod to Cat Stephens…or Yusuf Islam as he’s known nowadays.
      That takes me back…some great albums.

      1. Forfuppssake

        He’s not Yusuf Islam any more

        Just plain old Yusuf

        He’s still awesome though – an amazing artist

  1. Slightly Bemused

    It’s all lies! The earth is flat, I tells ya!…

    Actually, a really cool picture, and I agree with the lady millie: great headline :)

    I once was able to track the ISS using binoculars, but never got this clarity

  2. rotide

    Was it bisted or Jussayin who has an imaginary degree in astrophysics and says the iss isnt possible?

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