Tooth And Consequences


This morning.

Dublin Dental Hospital.

Minister for Health Simon Harris and Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty launch Smile agus Slainte, the new National Health Policy.

According to figures obtained by Fianna Fáil TD Stephen Donnelly last month from the Health Service Executive, 84,000 children are awaiting check-ups or treatment in the public system.

*covers mouth*

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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18 thoughts on “Tooth And Consequences

  1. eoin

    WHERE THE FUPP IS THE PeeWC REPORT ABOUT THE NATIONAL CHILDRENS HOSPITAL (which was to be ready by “the end of March”)

  2. bisted

    …far be it from me to be pedantic…but…I always think rictus grin rather than smile when it comes to Regina…

  3. Boj

    I’m surprised they both have a reflection, they must be day-walkers. Familiars at the very least…

    1. SOQ

      Stop complaining and off to Newry with ya. Plenty others dotted along the north of the border who exist just for this purpose. Plenty dentists too. I had a root canal done recently. Four visits as it took a while to settle. £200.

      Put your dental treatment where your mouth is- see what I done there?

    2. Termagant

      my ma and da went to some crowd, turns out it’s actually cheaper to fly to Hungary, have it done there, have a little holiday in Budapest, and fly back again. Great after-care too.

    1. Paulus 2

      Well hello another Paulus – hope this doesn’t cause confusion!

      NB – Sorry Paulus. The other Paulus was first to have the username. You’ll have to be Paulus 2 (or whatever alternative you prefer) – Broadsheet Admin

  4. Paulus

    No Prob. Paulus 2 it is. Bit papal wha’?
    Well it’s either that or go with the name of a Welsh village!

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