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  1. eoin

    Today with the Sindo, Leo, “I’m not a camera slut”, and a soft interview with FG Kate O’Connell, yesterday, it was a full-page length pic of FG lightweight Helen McEntee and a soft interview with her too and it’s only a day or two since it was brave health-conscious Leo and his battle with his weight.

    I mean, it’s not north Korea yet with all-pervasive portraits of Kim, but it’s the biggest broadsheet in the country and its promotion of one govt party and its “personalities” is relentless.

  2. eoin

    What the Irish Times Laura whatshername omitted from her detailed analysis of INM’s finances last week, the imminent tie-up between INM and the Irish Times, with the latter doing all the printing for the two, is reported in the Sunday Times today.

    “It is understood that the two media groups [INM + Irish Times] have held extensive talks on the landmark plan, dubbed Project Gemini, and the terms of an agreement are currently being finalised. It is understood that INM has pencilled in savings of several million euros from the move, which would involve the closure of its Citywest printing plant.”


      1. eoin

        Who knows Vanessa, but if it was all hocus pocus, I’d have expected the Irish Times to issue a statement last week when this info first leaked.

        Also, won’t INM need competition approval for closing its printing plant and severely narrowing competition in this country? Good job that they’re printing all these human interest stories about government personalities in the Cabinet who will be the ultimate decision makers! Sure Leo won’t need to shed the pounds, the Indo will just airbrush them away.

        1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane


          It’s all fairly pathetic really
          You’d think Leo Varadkar would prefer to be remembered for something more than writing to Kylie and his sexuality

          At least Harris has Repeal and Options.ie on his CV
          And he can claim to have inherited the Cervical Check disgrace

          And Bertie has GFA that will always cover up for him

          Leo and his team might think this is all great photo ops and being more “everyday”
          But currently- as it currently stands like
          History will not remember him well

          So he needs to get a beauty over the line
          Maybe removing the Church out’ve everything
          From our Constitution
          From our Dáil
          From our schools and healthcare infrastructure

          I dunno but he needs to have his name tattooed onto something that is permanent and not about getting likes
          And quickly

  3. eoin

    Roisin Burke in an otherwise pee-poor SBP reports the vulture fund which sold the apartments in Cork to the city council (our money) and the housing association (our money through the Housing Finance Agency)

    “doubled its money”

    Even the excellent Susan Mitchell’s health coverage is largely a repeat of yesterday’s Examiner.

    1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

      More than doubled in fact.

      Eoghan Murphy’s Housing Agency demands that acquisitions from the Private Sector are at Full Market Value

      So even if the Ballymagash Cooperative Housing Association agree to buy a house from say
      PTSB to keep the family in it
      For 120k
      Eoghan Murphy’s Housing Agency will get a valuation and so will the Local Authority Housing Dept
      Say they come back at 155 and 165

      Ballymagash Co-op will be ordered to pay PTSB 165
      Otherwise they will be refused the sub (60% could be more ish)
      And they may also be forced to borrow more money
      Maybe from the bank that’s the secured creditor selling the property. Ahem…..
      And by now the family will have already *surrendered the property to get into the scheme
      So PTSB are delighted anyway
      * which I seriously object to btw

      The State is gazumping itself
      While sliding in another Bailout by Stealth
      And since it’s all about reporting Stats and numbers this this isn’t reported
      Something else about these transactions
      From secured creditor to social housing

      Although they take ages to complete
      ( Ridiculous duplication of activities -confirmations, documents, statements of this that and what have ya, at least 3 surveys, and 3 valuations every 3 months, from Eoghan Murphy’s Housing Agency between the acquiring Voluntary Housing group, the Local Authority, the Housing Agency and the Seller).

      The selling costs are minimal believe it or not

      The main reason I got out of Mortgage-to-Rent and other similar acquisitions by Voluntary Housing Agencies, is that 90% of the work was Pro Bono

      And when the Apollos of Housing say I’m psychopath etc then I might as well get paid
      Even the price of tank of diesel to visit these families around the country every now and again would be nice

      Apparently I’m a tart now as well
      Lots more to worry about

  4. eoin

    Very poor day at the Sunday Times in Ireland today, not surprised the editors didn’t tweet it last night.

    The FAI splash on the front page is based on speculation that Delaney won’t turn up at the Oireachtas on Wednesday this week, and the basis for the speculation is, the FAI isn’t returning the Sunday Times calls, even though it said a week ago that John Delaney would be amongst the delegation appearing. Reticence from the FAI is hardly new, just ask Sport Ireland! Does it justify a full front page though where the rest of the story is padding.

  5. eoin

    Not a word of apology for the 7-day, and counting, delay with the PwC report on Leo’s National Childrens Hospital. Leo casually said yesterday he expects the report in the next couple of days and after the attorney general then looks at it, it will probably be published.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The indo has a story about how the walls, slabs, etc. are now in place, with an aerial photo. The photo shows nothing of the sort.

      In the same atticle we are informed ‘Construction company BAM, which has the contract, is to continue building, the board’s new chairman Fred Barry said”

      Looks like PWC/Vacron want to release the contents slowly.

      1. eoin

        The press and broadcast media were invited over to the site last week for a guided tour, so they could all report the progress and how ooooh-and-aaaah it will all be when it was finished. If you were of a skeptical nature, you might suspect this was to soften up the mainstream media ahead of the (late) publication of the (€450,000) PwC (who’ve earned at least €34m in fees from the lead contractor, BAM and who are, according to some, conflicted) report.

        1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

          The conflict arises from the % of total income the fees from BAM are responsible for in any one year
          If greater than around 8%
          Then they must refuse other engagements from BAM
          But these Big 4 bucks will override that
          Like say the work was split between teams in Dublin, Houston, Glasgow and Eindhoven who are Independent reporting cost centres etc

          Or some even more sugery than that

      1. eoin

        Yeah sorry, I might have given the impression above that the Sunday Times report about the printing contract between the Irish Times an INM was new. It’s not. I linked above to the Broadsheet story last Thursday and in the comments last Thursday, four days ago, you’ll find reference to the printing tie-up. Sorry if that was unclear.

          1. Rob_G


            The newspapers turned into the ‘Giggidy & eoin ranting jamboree’ so gradually that I barely even noticed…

  6. Slightly Bemused

    Tangential link (via the Jeremy Clarkson reference, and also news that a pedestrian was killed in Wicklow (RIP):

    I was out walking yesterday along some of the back roads of rural Kildare (wearing hi-vis). Passed by many a silent car and was thinking how much worse it would be with totally silent electric cars. I thought that to make them more audible, we could get them to fix Jericho Trumpets on them (like on the Stuka dive bombers) and the approaching wail would warn any pedestrians to dive for cover…

  7. eoin

    The new Garda commissioner rammed the gates of Garda HQ in the Phoenix Park.

    He was being driven in an unmarked PSNI (that’s the North’s policing service) jeep accompanied by heavily armed PSNI officers when he approached the gates of the Garda HQ “at a pace” and a quick thinking Garda pulled the switch which raised a steel barrier because she felt an attack was underway. The steel barrier caught the underside of the jeep and nearly flipped it.

    What was the Garda commissioner doing with armed PSNI officers in Dublin? Why did he breach protocol which is, a Garda vehicle picks him up at the border when he is travelling back and forth? Was he showing off to his old chums? Why didn’t he slow down as he approached the gates? Is he a bit of a thicko?


    1. GiggidyGoo

      Waiting now for the PSNI, Garda, Proper Charlie to try the ducks in a row with the explanation. Armed foreign security forces operating within the state? A few months ago we had foreign thugs evicting irish citizens in the midlands. Prior to that we had masked foreign thugs doing likewise in dublin using an ‘ex’ UK Police van.
      are those the changes that Harris has brought, with the blessing of Proper Charlie?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Coming to think of it. Maybe the boys were coming in to get a change of clothes. Any outstanding repossession orders to be fulfilled at the moment?

      1. Catherine costelloe

        The female officer should have pressed the emergency button on Callinan entering to clear his desk after he was sacked !

  8. bisted

    …d’ya know…I hate fascists…I’d just like to say a special thankyou to Broadsheet for letting me engage with so many…

    1. SOQ

      The sort who in the north are getting up on ladders to paint Hitler moustaches on SDLP posters now are we?

      1. bisted

        …a few SDLPers didn’t need the moustasch…especially now that they’ve sold out to the FFers…

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