Lights, Camera…


Cameras to catch motorists breaking red lights are to be installed at three notorious blackspots in Dublin more than two years after a trial detected 1,300 drivers ignoring the signals at one city centre junction.

The roll-out has prompted calls for a much wider extension of the technology across the city amid estimates “hundreds of thousands” of potentially life-endangering red light running offences are going unpunished in the capital every year.


Cameras to be installed at three blackspots to catch red light runners (Irish Times)



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20 thoughts on “Lights, Camera…

  1. edalicious

    Good. Light breaking is absolutely out of control these days. At the end of my road is a set of lights that’s about 50m from a primary school and nearly every single morning I seem some fupper accelerate to get through while it’s orange and inevitably they end up burning through a red at about 10+ km over the speed limit in front of kids about to step into the road.

      1. Goodnight Ireland

        I’m amazed at how prevalent it is. There is junction I use in terenure (KCR) which is quite broad and the lights take a while to change. People a blazing through the orange/red so they don’t have to wait.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Reminds me of the Dennis the Menace cartoon (US version) where Dennis leans forward in the car and asks his mom, who is driving,:

      “How do you know when the orange light means slow down, and when it means speedup?”

      Sadly, cannot find the pic itself :(

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    No pity for the dolts that run red lights. If the only thing that will curb their dangerous behaviour is a financial penalty, then so be it. Put some manners on them.

  3. iram

    They should put them in Galway on the lights at the Galway shopping centre junction. Disgraceful light-breaking going on there, someone will get flattened some day.

  4. Mickey Twopints

    +1000 for Union Cross and Hassett’s Cross

    J29 of the M7 sees collisions on a daily basis from clowns breaking red lights

  5. Spud

    Saw a lad this morning break the red on Mount Merrion Ave as there was no oncoming traffic from the other direction…
    Some people just don’t give a fupp.

    Bring these in for every junction in the city.

  6. Qwerty123

    In the UK, lights turn green to red. Only turn orange when turning back to green to wake up people who may not notice straight to green stopped at lights.

    This would solve a lot of the catching the lights issue we see.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Sorry, QWRTY but you have that bass ackwards. The UK pattern is much better. It gives drivers an indication that lights are about to turn green and helps make traffic move more efficiently.

    1. Milk teeth

      Yeah been living here for about 9 years now it’s green, orange, red, red and orange (get ready) green. Sometimes pedestrian crossings do things a bit different but not skip the orange on stop

  7. fFs

    I hate redlight runners too but…
    These junctions where there are thousands of incidents – there has to be something wrong with the light timing!!!
    It’s like the asshole analogy, If one person breaks the lights, it’s their problem – if there are thousands of people breaking the light, maybe it’s the light’s problem.
    DCC running articles on the thousands, setting up expensive systems but I doubt they got the experts in to examine why or adjust anything. Humans will always bypass/cheat a system which is unfair/inefficient

    1. Rep

      Rubbish, the ones on Queen St and Blackhall place is due to the Luas. If you miss the lights, you could be stuck for a bit so people try and rush them. Its not the lights problem, its people being stupidly impatient. Hence why there is regular crashes involving cars trying to break the lights and hitting a luas.

  8. Iwerzon

    If you stand at the side door of Walshe’s pub in Stoneybatter you can see a constant stream of cars jump the red light and pedestrian crossing. I’ve seen a few near misses over the years.

    1. AssPants

      I would agree with fFS, there is a lot of common sense thinking in:

      “If one person breaks the lights, it’s their problem – if there are thousands of people breaking the light, maybe it’s the light’s problem”

      But since we are in Ireland, it’s definitely all the drivers fault; for a start the driver is usually in a car so they must be at fault. As the state arranged for the installation of traffic lights, it definitely couldn’t be not be up to the State to identify a fault in their operations. The local authority is not at fault because they are responsible for absolutely nothing other than passing responsibility to some other state body or quango.

      Couldn’t be the NRA, as nobody real knows what value they add to the quality of life (or lack thereof) or maybe the new shapes they designed for motorway signs is adding to our quality of life.

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    This is so welcomed. Plus they may catch the drivers with the phone to their ear or on lap.

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