Saturday night.

Michael O’Leary celebrates his horse Tiger Roll’s Grand National victory by offering Ryanair passengers TWO free drinks.

On a flight from Liverpool to Dublin, the Ryanair CEO announced:

“As is traditional on evenings when we win the Grand National and Cheltenham, we’re having a free bar on board this flight. I got some criticism last year by limiting it to one drink per person so that the crew could get to the end of the aircraft but now you can have two drinks per person.

“If anyone orders a ham and cheese panini or sandwich I’m offloading you personally. You can buy your food in Dublin, on board this flight we’re drinking.”

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary celebrates his Grand National victory with free drinks for passengers (The Times Ireland edition)

Video by Carlosfandango

11 thoughts on “On A Roll

  1. Broadbag

    Fair play to him for making his millions but he’s walking proof that money can’t buy class, Gordon Elliot looks suitably mortified, hope someone told him to stick his crappy drinks up his jacksie.

    1. b

      too right, he should’ve got a private jet and not bothered the rest of the paroles with his free drinks

      good to see begrudgery is alive and well

      1. Bebe

        Well done to all; O’Leary, Russell and Elliott and the many stable hands who on early mornings and late nights perform their duties quietly for their love of the sport and the horse they work with. Great win. Delighted for all concerned.

        Wish I’d been on that flight – great atmosphere!

    2. Andrew

      What’s the matter Broadbag? Why would anyone want to ‘buy’ class? Do you mean airs and graces? O’Leary is refreshingly free of those.
      Fair play to O’Leary. As b said, he could have got a private jet and bought nobody a drink. He could be living in Malta and not paying his tax in Ireland as well.

      1. Broadbag

        No private jet because then he’d miss the opportunity for a carefully staged PR stunt worth many multiples of the ‘free drinks’ he was offering – people are so bloody naive it’s unreal!

        And no, not buy ‘airs and graces’ but he could easily just send the drinks trolley down without all the fuss if he had a bit of class about him rather than ‘look at me I’m the big man, you’re all so lucky I’m giving you all the equivalent of a fiver’ or whatever tiny sum those drinks actually cost Ryanair.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Serious query: what about the horses, and how they travel? I know they are moved by transporter over the ferries, but is there a particular ferry that is better/smoother for them than another? For example, is the fastcat better, or one of the bigger ordinary ones? Also, do the horse transporters go in a particular place so handlers can have access to the horses during the crossing, or are they abandoned like ordinary cars and trucks off the parking decks?

    I have not travelled by ferry in a long time, and the one I was one was rather trough in what we were told was mild seas. So I am thinking that an owner would wish to transport horses on the most stable ship they could, and would want access to prevent stress on the animals during passage.

    1. rotide

      If you’re querying how the best treated animals in the world are treated, you’re on to a loser here.

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Top horses fly. They are worth millions and are transported with great care.

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