Quick! Act Norman


This morning

Bannow beach, County Wexford

Ann Power writes:

May 2019 marks the 850th anniversary of the arrival of the Normans to Ireland, onto the beach at Bannow in County Wexford and a year-long programme of public events have been announced to honour the anniversary.

This morning, the programme of events was officially announced with a flavour of what is to come as a hoard of Norman Knights made their way ashore just as they would have done some 850 years ago and this May Bank holiday weekend the anniversary will be commemorated at the Bannow 1169 Norman Festival taking place in the village on May 4th and 5th….

Norman 850 (Visit Wexford)

Pic: Patrick Browne

6 thoughts on “Quick! Act Norman

    1. rotide

      You know what I like best about this bar Cliff?
      Beer Norm?
      I’d love one, thanks Cliff

  1. Tony

    Did the Normans really “come to” ie. invade Ireland?

    I thought it was the Anglo-Normans that invaded Ireland and the Normans were the lads that invaded Britain a century earlier.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    A “year-long programme of public events” and a “Norman Festival” to commemorate a fuppin’ foreign invasion? I really support the interpretive work in telling the story and educating on history but it looks like someone thought up a festival just to get the cheque.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      most of Irish tourism is selling farie tales loosely based on historical fact

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