Nothing To See Here Ever


Former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Sean Fitzpatrick

Go about your business.

Simon Carswell, in The Irish Times, reports:

The full reasons why the trial of former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Seán FitzPatrick collapsed may never be made public after a State watchdog decided to withhold a lengthy report on the case.

Director of Corporate Enforcement Ian Drennan has withdrawn his offer to provide a 415-page report on the case to an Oireachtas committee because it could not give him guarantees he wanted to legally protect him and his office from “litigation risk and associated financial exposure”

Good times.

Full report on Anglo trial collapse may never be made public (Simon Carswell, The Irish Times)

Pic: Rollingnews

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12 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here Ever

  1. GiggidyGoo

    This thing of withholding reports, delaying reports, hiding them away for 75 years. It’s not for the good of the plebs, rather than protection for the ‘haves’ and their compadres.

    1. mick

      It seems to be the way
      You ensure you have at least 10 reviews taking place and when a question is asked it cannot be answered until the review is complete
      Then after two years its all forgotten

      Or bury it with oodles of paperwork

      The classic one is the Grenfell fire inquiry in London that has been delayed so they have time to digest all the information

      All 31 million documents a brilliant move

  2. eoin

    Surely the ODCE could provide the report to Cabinet who could ask the Attorney General to review it before publishing it, possibly in a redacted form. I mean this is what is happening with the PwC report on the €1.7bn foundations/walls/windows/doors beside St James’s.

  3. Ron

    Cian should be along shortly now to offer us his particular brand of silly billy on the topic.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Has the taxpayer not already paid for the report, if so then surely the taxpayer is entitled to see the results of the report that it paid for. Could publishing the report, in any small way, prevent Anglo II from occouring. Could it also mean that next time we have a hoodlum like Fitzpatrick on the stand we can nail him.

    Also I was surprised to see that this campaign hasn’t got more support:

    “An estimated two million documents relating to the work of three commissions – the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, the Residential Institutions Redress Board and the Residential Institutions Redress Review Committee – will be preserved for future generations under the Retention of Records Bill.”

    Also would be interested in hearing more about the deal the Churches and the State did with regards redress money in 2002. The state did a deal where the church paid 180m and gave over some property and land and then the church would have no further liability with regards redress. That redress bill is now over 1.2 billion and climbing and the taxpayer has to foot the bill despite the hundreds of billion the vatican has hidden away in its vaults. This deal was done with Min for Education Michael Woods, on his last day in office, and the then Attorney General, Michael Mc Dowell, had no knowledge of the deal! What the hell is going on here? Also what property and land did the church give, what happened to it and what developer friend of Minister X made a killing on it?

  5. Kolmo

    They are actually laughing at us now, as they get back to business as usual, untouchables will always be untouchable in this little Republic..

    1. Ian-O

      That’s why they are terrified of Sinn Fein getting in.

      Nothing to do with politics (and no, I am not a SF supporter at all), more to do with the terror of having a party that wasn’t let near the trough get anywhere near the details of all their dealings (FF, FG & Lab) over the years.

      Because it could get very, very messy for a lot of them.

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