“Yes, I Think Spying Did Occur”



This afternoon.

US Attorney General Bill Barr told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee that he believes spying by law enforcement officials on the 2016 Trump campaign “did occur,” and that he plans on reviewing “both the genesis and conduct” of the Russia collusion investigation.


William Barr believes spying “did occur” on Trump campaign — live updates (CBS)



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39 thoughts on ““Yes, I Think Spying Did Occur”

  1. Junkface

    Was this before or after Trump went on live TV and asked Russia to hack into the Democrats servers?

    1. Ika Bob

      Democrat servers were already compromised by a leak when Trump made this joke. How do you think wikkileaks got the “emails”?

      You’re flogging a dead horse with this collusion nonsense. It’s a big fat flop. A political miss.

      Now we wait for Trump’s countermove.

      Buckle up.

      1. Junkface

        Trumps counter move is always the same. Whatever he pulls out of his botty on the day. He’s not good at planning or negotiating. The man is borderline silly.

        What I said above is, why would any countries secret service be tempted to spy on someone who openly invited treasonous activity? As usual, Trump brings all sorts of attention on himself because he is a clown.

        This AG Barr is a stooge. Anyone can see that. This whole thing is damage limitation before the report is released in full.

        1. Ika Bob

          “He’s not good at planning or negotiating.”

          How many top-flight international hotels and golf-courses did you build before winning your first election?

          Pretending Trump is a fool didn’t work in 2016 and it won’t work in 2020.

          Probably on-trend for your smug little echo chambers though :)

          1. edalicious

            That’s a bit of a red herring though. Had Trump just invested his money in relatively safe index funds or even just continued to work with relatively low key residential real estate, like his father, he’d be me much better off than he is now. Instead, he decided to sell off most of his father’s real estate empire to build massive ego-projects with his name on it, leave a string of bankruptcies and shaft almost everyone who worked under him.

          2. SOQ

            Margaret Thatcher, when the nurses skipped a beat, ended up wandering around North London complaining about how the price of everything had gone up so much. Trump is 73.

            Nature has a way of humbling even the most arrogant.

      2. Nigel

        Wasn’t it Hilary’s emails he asked them to hack?
        Yeah, i can’t wait for his devastating countermove of either telling a big stupid lie about something or seperating more families at the border.

      3. mick

        Did some expert state that you could pay a hacker just one thousand dollars to hack Hillary Clinton’s email, account which she used to send those classified emails

  2. George

    Political appointee says politically advantageous thing – boom?

    I thought you were the skeptical one questioning the establishment?

      1. Rich Uncle Skeleton

        So…Trump isn’t the establishment? Was Obama the establishment? Cause Trump and his ilk often go on about sticking it to the elite…but they seem pretty elite to me.

      2. tom

        You’re doing the orange man shtick so yeah guessing you’re defo with the alt right nazis.

  3. edalicious

    Interesting that you’ve been posting very specific statements from Barr and not anything on the fact that he’s actively trying to block and heavily redact the Mueller report, Bodger. How you could come to the conclusion that this is anything but damage limitation by the WH absolutely baffles me.

    1. Ika Bob

      Barr has to make redactions by law (protect on-going investigations, privacy of peripheral parties etc).

      Remember how the Dimms didn’t want Ken Starr (the SC investigating Clinton’s shady land deals) to release his report at all?

      1. edalicious

        “The Dimms”? Is that the level of maturity you’re going to go with?

        The Starr Report was voted to be released by a majority of Democrat representatives though.

    1. Nigel

      Just a toe in the water for bringing more extreme right-wing propaganda into the mainstream.

      1. SOQ

        Meanwhile in Europe, the socialists, with the projected help of the British Labour party, are set to take control of the EU after today’s long exit delay being granted.

  4. Nigel

    But it turns out Trump’s campaign was packed with criminals. As was Trump Tower. ‘Criminals surveilled by law enforcement’ isn’t actually a scandal.

    1. Ika Bob

      Just another un-sourced allegation so you can justify ORANGEMANBAD.

      Never mind the evidence – feel the OUTRAGE!!

      1. Nigel

        Members of Trump’s campaign are in prison right now, as is his personal lawyer, others took plea deals. Are you unaware of this? No wonder you’re confused.

    2. mick

      Meanwhile at the FAI children hospital and every branch of Irish public life its all squeaky clean

      Quick reds under the bed mandrake

  5. Starina

    that’s…that’s not a “boom”, Bodger. That’s Barr wildly waving around one hand so we forget that the other hand is holding the Meuller report. It’s pathetic and extremely transparent.

  6. Ian-O

    Doesn’t matter anyway. As soon as Trump is out, so too will be the knives. He has alienated everyone that isn’t a tin foil hat, assault rifle wielding, red hat wearing cabbage in the US.

    Other republicans, intelligence agencies, ex staffs and cabinet members – all will want their pound of flesh and as for KellyAnne – I cannot wait for her tell all book. Because that’s why she is still there, look at her husbands tweets, look at the scam they are running on Trumpy at the moment, utterly hilarious really. The republican party is contracting because despite what we hear from certain quarters, many of them are decent human beings who see Trump wanting to put his name on something and tear Obama’s off and willing to shut down the government to do so. He has hired scum from Roy Cohn to Michael Cohen to Roger Stone and so on and they say a lot about what Trump values in people.

    Whether its the SDNY or similar, they will get him, they will get his dumb as rocks kids and hopefully they get that grinning scumbag Kushner too.

    I despise Hilary Clinton, still do, nothing has changed in that regard and I reckon she and Trump are as guilty as each other on many issues. Thing is, she is yesterdays news, he is in the WH so he is the one people focus on. But I’d still love to see her humbled.

    Trump is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst US president in recent times, maybe ever. A liar, a thin skinned child and despite what we are told, a crap businessman whose real talent has been to stay one step of his creditors and the law. A hoax and the US fell for it with the help of the arrogance of the democrats and Clinton.

    1. Nigel

      I loathe Trump with the heat of a million suns, but the worst president of the US in recent times is still W Bush. An appalling terorist attack, an horrific all-consuming eternal war, the expansion and consolidation of the security state, and the global financial crash, all under his watch, not to mention the acceleration of increasingly hard-right extremism in mainstream politics, which were exploited by Trump in his ascent to power. If we end up deciding that Trump has worked out objectively worse than that, we’re in dark times indeed, and it will probably be because of his environmental policies and/or his border/immigration policies.

    2. Junkface

      Well said Ian-O. You have perfectly summed up everything about Trump. He’s a criminal surrounded by criminals, now circled by stooges in ‘acting’ positions because any half decent appointments have jumped ship or been fired due to their hesitation about breaking US laws.

      His empire will be dismantled and destroyed when he leaves office and his stupid children will be charged for their transparently greedy crimes.

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