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  1. Col

    Do they tip the staff packing the shelves in Tesco? Or the person working the till in clothes shops, the staff in cinemas etc etc?

    1. LeopoldGloom

      No, but their company pays them the contracted amount to them directly. If the Ivy has agreed to pay x amount to staff, then it should be doing so out of its money. If people wish to tip, it shouldn’t be to the waiting and kitchen staff directly on top of their agreed pay.

        1. Col

          I worked in the service industry in a range of jobs that never got tips. Packing shelves, working at tills, bus boy in a restaurant, cleaner. They all pay poorly, but people don’t feel the need to tip them.
          The tipping culture is nonsense when people expect tips by default. Ireland is not like America, where servers get paid well BELOW minimum wage.

          1. Sham Bob

            It’s pretty simple. Do you think that staff should paid the amount they were told they’d be paid by one of the country’s most expensive restaurants?

      1. Termagant

        The staff have agreed to be paid under the terms of whatever contract they’re on. If they didn’t want to be paid under those terms they shouldn’t have signed the contract.

        If nobody was willing to work for the Ivy as waitstaff then maybe they’d be forced to stop their scummy behaviour.

        But I’m not going to pick up the tab for willing victims.

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