Julian Assange following his arrest this morning at London’s Ecuador Embassy

My Wishes For You

(Dedicated to those who are celebrating the arrest today of Julian Assange, and also to those on the Left who are too cowardly or stupid to speak out in his support)

That your son at Trinity College
may graduate
to become a rogue gynaecologist.
That his brother, the paediatrician,
be suspended without pay.
That your husband be caught
selling wheelchairs that don’t work
live on national radio. And the day

you discover all of the above, may
the traffic wardens, every one of them,
be East Galway Gestapo. May you lose
your winning ticket,
and the gun not go off
when it’s supposed to.

May your reflux be acid
and your bowel be cranky.
May your water forever be cloudy
and the pharmacy be shut.
May the funeral parlour
refuse you,

and the lies you told haunt you
long after the cat
has made a litter tray of your ashes.

Kevin Higgins

Pic: Sky

Earlier: Arrested

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82 thoughts on “Wikidness

  1. Starina

    that’s really fupping ugly and I don’t know if I want to stay using this site if that’s how hateful you’re going to be.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      +1. I never usually read these ‘poems’ but my that is sick. Says a lot about the author.

    2. Starina

      Why did you delete my other comment?

      The comment was: “Like, really? You hope our sons become rapists? And that we’re caught by the Nazi police? You really feel good about writing this??”

      Own up to your ugliness.

    3. Andrew

      “to those on the Left who are too cowardly or stupid to speak out in his support”
      This bit applies to you Starina.

      1. Starina

        You threatening me, fanboy?

        Assange is an anti-Semite, probably a Russian shill and possibly a rapist. The good deeds of WikiLeaks do not overwrite that.

        1. jusayinlike

          Citation for anti Semitic comments.

          citation for Russian shill.

          if not you’re a tinfoil saturated conspiracy theorist.

        2. Andrew

          No I’m not threatening you and I’ve no love for Assange I can assure you.
          I am calling you stupid and cowardly though

        3. pedeyw

          The Assange stans don’t like criticism of their lord and saviour any more than the Trump stans. I’m with Starina.

  2. LeopoldGloom

    That’s honestly brutal. It’s really, really bad. Like something a moody 14 year old who has just discovered the dreggs of alternative music bad.

  3. Harry

    I have a bottle of Moet on ice at home Kev and I’m gonna pop it as soon as I get back, in celebration.

    I’ll drink a small sup from the neck, the rest I’ll poor over my head and my expensive suit before getting in my hot tub.

    The good times are truly rolling again, this is a good day

    1. postmanpat

      If your an edgy contrarian, a baddie,…. I think,.(?).. From the poem you’d think he killed someone and his relatives are all pedophile rapists. Oh …And he has a husband that sells bogey wheelchairs out there somewhere? The mind boggles.

  4. eoin

    I like it, it’s good poetry.

    “be suspended without pay.
    That your husband be caught
    selling wheelchairs that don’t work
    live on national radio. And the day”

    Also, the valedictory reference to cat litter resonates with the sorry excuses levelled at Assange by the new regime pulling the strings of his hosts.

  5. Andrew

    I’ve no problem with it and it certainly shouldn’t be removed.
    Some people find it distasteful. So what?

    1. Nigel

      Who said it should be removed? They liked the poem enough to publish it, they should stand by it, and good for them.

      1. Andrew

        ah Nigel, you’re usually a great man for the name taking and the banning of things you don’t like.
        Poor Starina doesn’t know if she wants to continue using the site god bells her. Because hate etc.
        The humanity

        1. Nigel

          Ah Andrew when i have ever called for anything to be banned? You’re confusing criticism and disagreement with oppression, as usual.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Oooh stalkery!! That’s nice.

        Can you show me where it’s written that I have to condemn every single male dirtbag who sleazes over women? There’s not enough time in the day to cover you all.

  6. shitferbrains

    Kevin is correct in a way. It is “Left ” these days to suck up to Assange and his creepy anti-semitic buddy Israel Shamir . Which is why the British Labour Party , when faced with the worst Tory Government in generations can barely scrape a two point lead , and when a poll about who would make the better Prime Minister , May or Corbyn , ” Don’t Know ” beats Corbyn into 3rd place in a two horse race.

  7. Johnny Keenan

    On reading the comments Poet Kevin Higgins has got to the intended group of whining maggots. The ones who are not brave enough to comment with their real name.
    The ones who knock everyone and do nothing for anyone.
    The ones who are just scum of the earth.
    Keep supporting American fascism and then places like this forum will not exist.

    You’ll have to go to a wall and write your ‘liberal intelligentsia’ with chalk.
    Even though there will be nothing but walls to write on you still won’t have the liathróidi to write on them because you will be viewed by artists like Kevin Higgins who with the power of his art brakes down these walls brick by brick.
    As the faceless nameless and shameless hide with their heads in the sand because they can’t walk tall with their heads held high.
    Unlike Poet Kevin Higgins

    Scuuuuuum = the sum of just 1

    1. Tom

      Supporting American fascism?

      You do know this site has been pushing pro Trump stuff for years now. An actual fascist American.

      1. Termagant

        Is he an actual fascist? I’d go as far as to say he wasn’t an actual fascist at all.

      2. Johnny Keenan

        Tom you do know that American fascism as we know it started with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Followed by wars in Korea Vietnam coups and invasions all over central and South America. Bullying of American corporations with European governments. Where a few thousands jobs justifies the handing over of airports.
        When your great black hope Obama visited the city of Hiroshima he refused to apoligise for the nuking of 80000 lives by his former Democratic president Truman. He didn’t apoligise because it’s not American to accept responsibility. He would have had to apoligise for all the drone attacks in the Middle East he gave the green light for. The ones that killed 10’s of thousands.

        Trump is a fascist As are all the American presidents since WW2.
        Kennedy questioned corporate America and we all know how that ended up.

        If you haven’t you should see the film Vice.
        The American people refuse to learn their history that’s why Dick Chaney is the most powerful fascist in America today.
        But yeah it’s all Trumps fault and once America get a democratic president back in the White House the world will be at peace.
        As any Derry girl might say,
        Catch yerself on!

        The only way America can be stoped is a world wide boycott. I’m doing my best. I’m still using the tools of the oppressor to get my words out but at least i know what needs to be done.

        Forgot to give credit to the fascist Bill Clinton. The golf club in Ballybunion made a bronze statue of him. Shur isn’t that credit enuf.


    2. Nigel

      Y’know, everyone remembers the way wikileaks dumped the DNC emails, but nobody remembers how they pushed stuff about Clinton trafficking children or being a Satanist who did spirit cooking (hi Bodger!) or was suffering from some imaginary disease. All in support of an actual American fascist. What a joke. Go nail this poem at one of those border detention centres where children are seperated from their families. As a poem it’s actually grown on me after rereading it a few times. Maybe it’ll grow on them, too.

      1. Wellness

        This poem does not even merit, me
        whipping out my air quotes , nor
        will I dignify it with an emoji

        BS 11/04/2019

      2. jusayinlike

        Tinfoil hat Nigel. Still grieving over Hillary, the worst candidate in human history.

    3. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

      You know what Johnny
      T’wasn’t all that long ago you yourself were roaring like a wild ape over others with different ideas, choices and opinions to yours
      Now you’re calling lads maggots and scuuuuuum
      Because they, me included btw, don’t like what you’re calling a poem

      I walk tall everyday Johnny
      Make no mistake about that

      You can call Kevin an Artist if you like

      But if you want to let on you’re all about Democracy, Equality, Transparency, Free Speech and Art is a Revolution, and Power to the Peaceful One Love, n’ what- have-ya

      You need to cauterise that hypocrisy and single mindedness

      And recognise that’s it’s not all about what YOU want
      What YOU like
      What YOU’RE about
      What YOUR standards are
      What YOUR choices are

      Democracy, Equality and Freedom of Speech
      Is also Very much about Tolerance

      Do yourself a favour
      Learn a bitta that

      Hope Jinx is well

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