Meanwhile, At Dublin Castle


From top: Garda whistleblower Nicky Keogh (centre) arriving at Dublin Castle this morning, Mrs Justice Sean Ryan

This morning.

Dublin Castle.

The Disclosures Tribunal resumed with new chairman  Justice Seán Ryan setting out the terms of reference .

This phase will deal with complaints made by a member of An Garda Síochána alleging that they were targeted after making a protected disclosures .

The first case to be heard is that of Garda Nicky Keogh, who, in 2014,  made a formal complaint to the confidential recipient about the alleged involvement of a garda in the supply of heroin in Westmeath, Offaly and Longford.

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1 thought on “Meanwhile, At Dublin Castle

  1. Romeo C

    So the Tribunal won’t investigate Gardaí collusion with drug gangs and its investigation of same but will spend time and money investigating whether whistleblowers were treated poorly in the aftermath. Nothing to see here move along……

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