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Dermot Kennedy – Lost

Internet sensation Dermot has just ‘dropped’ the video for his new single ‘Lost’ on Vevo ahead of his four sold-out dates in the Olympia Theatre next month.

The Dublin-born singer/songwriter shot to fame last year when his song ‘Power Over Me’ racked up serious Spotify action, leading to invites from American TV chat show royalty Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Colbert.

This led everyone from MTV to the BBC pegging Dermot as one to watch for 2019. Delivering on this promise, the 27-year-old has crafted another intense, highly emotional modern power ballad.

Dermot says:

“Lost is a song I wrote about resilience and reliance. Bad things can happen and when they do, when you’re tested; you’re going to need the love and the shelter of certain people to hold you up and guide you through whatever storm you find yourself in. It’s about holding each other up through bad times.”

That’s the spirit.

Dermot Kennedy