Father And Son



Bríd Sweeney wrote on Facebook:

Every picture tells a story…but this is not a happy one.

These were taken during the gorse fires yesterday [Sunday] and after things settled in Loughanure, Annagry and Belcruit [in Donegal].

A father and son working tiredlessly to maintain this fire…(along with 100s more).

Bríd Sweeney (Facebook)

Air Corps defends Donegal gorse fire response time (The Irish Times)

Full Garda investigation launched into devastating gorse fires (Highland Radio)

12 thoughts on “Father And Son

  1. Mickey Twopints

    Brid has an interpretation of the word “maintain” that is different to the one I usually adopt.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Yeah, that caught me too. I did hear, though that the Council who were in overall lead of the response said that without the community assistance, much more would likely have been lost. So maybe they maintained the fire at a distance from properties?

  2. Bebe

    A picture paints a thousand words – harrowing picture of elderly man being assisted by his son in such danger …. my thoughts are with them – hope they are both ok.

      1. millie st murderlark

        Oh baz, thanks for clarifying. What would we do without your inane explanations of things we can perceive all on our own?

  3. Bebe

    Thanks baz – but it’s still too close for my liking – heat from fire even more intense on a sunny day with smoke billowing into lungs etc – not a lot of comfort I suspect and being so close they inhaled for sure. People take risks without thinking and then in difficulty it’s too late. Hope both well afterwards

  4. Spud

    That’s a fantastic picture… like some apocalyptic painting.
    The footage of news reports showed extreme courage (madness?) of locals going to protect their land and belongings. Lucky no one seriously hurt.

    Whoever started these fires, most likely maliciously, needs to be brought to justice.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      This time of year, it’s farmers. The good weather is a handy cover to blame bbqs, campfires and/or discarded butts.

    1. Bui Bui

      Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is necessary for life on earth.

      Your fearmongering is unnecessary.

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