This One Goes Out To


Calling all gig-goers – broadcaster and award-winning producer Cathal Funge is taking a trip down memory lane with his new four-part series The Front Row on Radio Nova.

Were you at The Specials in Dublin in 1981? Echo & The Bunnymen in the SFX in 1985? The Clash in 1977? Then you need to hear this show.

The series features the likes of Peter Devlin (of The Devlins), Paul Page (ex-Whipping Boy) and Canice Kenealy (Engine Alley) fondly reminiscing about their favourite concert down all the days.

You can catch the show on Saturday evenings at 9pm, repeated on Sundays at 9am, and archived on Soundcloud (above).

Next week’s episode features Hot Press journalist Niall Crumlish remembering REM’s legendary concert in the RDS in June 1989 during their ‘Green’ world tour.

Niall says:

“I’m delighted to have been asked by Cathal to contribute to this series. It’s about the shows, yes, but also more: what music means when you are young, the songs that saved your life, and the Irelands we grew up in.”


Episode 1 here


3 thoughts on “This One Goes Out To

  1. Panty Christ

    Smell of a running series of broadsheet posts of ticket stubs from Irish gigs of yesteryear in the air

  2. Johnny Keenan

    This seems sound.
    Looking forward to giving it a listen.

    The Whipping Boy at The Jolly Mariner Athlone sometime in 96 was a great gig for me.
    I know I don’t have a profile but I was a stage diver and survivor at some serious rockin gigs in the 90’s.

    Remember when moshin was a form of exercise and communal jumping and bouncing off each other where respect was part of the roll and tumble of the first 17 rows front of stage. No one was allowed hit the floor because none of us could accept the thought of a fatality. So as much as we hoped off each other it was the music that brought us together and tore us apart, again and again and again.
    At the time it really was all about the music, man.
    I’m trying to retrace my steps of that great gig with the boys of the whipping.
    I remember hitchin down from Dublin. Usually I’d be hitchin up to the big shmoke. I think it was November 96. I remember all the other details to getting thrown out for been pulled up to bounce off Ferghal McKee. The bouncer wasn’t to happy with the kind of bouncing me and the Ferg were pertakin in though.
    Fair play to Mckee though, he got me back in.
    Glory days really do pass you by.

    When we were young!

  3. Otis Blue


    That was when REM toured the Green Album. The rather wonderful Go Betweens were the support that night

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