And They’re Up


Election posters for the forthcoming local and European elections on May 24 went up from midnight last night.



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39 thoughts on “And They’re Up

  1. millie st murderlark

    Every single candidate using them ought to be taken to task for still using election posters.

    How are they not banned??

    1. Claire K

      Totally agree! Seems mental in the age of people trying to be more green. Even spotted the green party using them in our areas which is contradiction surely!

    2. Nigel

      Yes…BUT…if you ban posters do you give a huge advantage to the bigger parties with the big funds and the media connections? I don’t like them but I can tolerate them within the current regulations. They used to be SO BAD before.

      1. Cian

        I dunno. Are the bigger parties with the big funds not able to put more posters up? Either by spending more and getting more posters (I know there are limits). But also leveraging the party to get more bodies to put the posters up (and getting the prime spots).

        1. Nigel

          Of course. But postering is closer, without being an actual, level playing field than column inches or screen time or social media campaigns, at least in terms of access and funding. Small parties need good ground game to get bigger.

          1. ReproBertie

            A single booklet for each electoral area with a page for each candidate, delivered to every home in the electoral area, could replace posters and provide a level playing field.

      2. edalicious

        The regs need a clause to specify that the posters must be recyclable/compostable. The plastic waste generated every election must be phenomenal.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    I thought they were not allowed to erect them on traffic light posts and/or at junctions, I noticed a few today that were

    1. edalicious

      I think they just need to be above a certain height and not actually obscuring traffic lights.

    2. George

      They aren’t supposed to block traffic lights but some always do, especially for cyclists who need to be able to view them from a more acute angle.

    3. Liam Deliverance

      Where can posters be erected so they do not cause a disruption to road users?
      The Road Traffic Acts contain requirements in relation to maintaining clear lines of sight for road users which may impact on where posters can be placed, e.g. not on road signs, at traffic junctions or on roundabouts where they may cause road safety risks. It is an offence to erect any sign or notice that makes a traffic sign less visible to road users (Road Traffic Act 1961, Section 95, Subsection 14). Those erecting posters should exercise extreme caution when on or near roadways and should be aware of their own and other road users physical safety, e.g. crossing busy roads, obstructing footpaths, parking of vehicles etc. For more information, check with the Roads section of your local authority.

  3. Bort

    Fianna Fail canvassers called to my door last night. Told me their man was a local man, from the area, a solicitor and he lived on a road locally, a road 100% stocked with mansions. My kinda guy. They then asked me was I renting or a resident. I was confused so I replied “well I’m definitely a resident”. “I mean are you renting or a home owner”. I asked them then what difference it made? They said their man was very much in touch with local “residents” concerns. I am a lurker (and renter) in my local “resident’s” whatsapp group and I can tell you their concerns; 1. Four social housing units were being included in a new build around the corner, they were disgusted at this. 2. Too many renters in the area, lowering the property value and 3. Muslims, pretty consistent Islamophobia. Anyway I promptly told them to f**ck off outta my garden.

    1. Nigel

      I wonder if a better approach would be to clearly lay out your own concerns? If more people did that to all the parties who call, no matter how much you dislike them or how lonely and ineffectual it feels, it would at least get those concerns on their radar, and if enough people do it it might give them pause.

    2. dhaughton99

      In my area, all the candidates are either solicitors or ex junkies with new found confidence.

    3. Owen C

      This sounds confused. A road full of mansions that is full of renters? Basic rent-yield analysis would raise an eyebrow to this. Could you tell us what electoral area this took place in?

      1. Bort

        D14. The road the candidate lives on is nearly all (imho) mansions, my opinion my be overly humble I guess, a big 4+ bedroom gaff worth close to a mill I consider a mansion.

  4. dhaughton99

    Will they be that quick to take down their cable ties with them when they are taking the posters down?

  5. dhaughton99

    “Solidarity’s strong poster slogans contrast sharply with the bland messaging of the establishment and gombeen politicians”

    The slogan is terrible. Reads like some olde english.

    Be honest with the electorate. “F*** Landlords and Vote for Me”

    1. The Old Boy

      They started with a serviceable, if glib, protest-like slogan and then decided that scansion should be sacrificed in favour of slightly-increased specificity.

      1. Paulus

        New word for (me) today:
        Scansion – the process of scanning.
        Thanks Old Boy – you’re a mine of information and a font of wisdom.
        (Hoping the latter never leaks into the former!)

    2. Rob

      While I accept that I’m a pedant for punctuation, I think the lack of a comma after the word “need” makes the poster unintelligible, for the casual passer-by.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    If these candidates are that exhausted and self-congratulatory over the hanging of a few posters, how are they going to cope with the regime of EU plenaries, meetings, documentation, reporting and representation in Brussels?

    1. George

      They haven’t claimed to be either. One said it was a long night. Most are thanking their supporters for their help.

  7. won't you join too

    Vote Twitter, vote Social Democrats.

  8. Dr.Fart MD

    i had great craic blemmin’ these off the posts with my skateboard on the way home from the pub last night. They don’t work on me, but they must work on people because they still use them. I absolutely hate them. Eye sores. Mannix Flynn is the only one with nice posters. The FF bird would absolutely get it! if she’s interested in dating a doctor, hmu.

    1. Rob_G

      Yeah, I hear loads of young ones are interested in dating made-up internet skateboarding doctors.

  9. Termagant

    Mannix Flynn looks like someone you’d employ to break up a miners’ strike a hundred years ago
    I’m told he’s a very nice man though, my sister read one of his books and said it was very good

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      hahahaha he does! thats gas. I think he’s quite good. I remember when the public found out he’s gay back in the late 80s i think, and it was a big controversary, like it was something that was guna sink his chances. we’ve come a long way since then.

      1. Rob_G

        Apparently not so far that a “doctor” would feel embarrassed in discussing which female political candidates would “get it”, or so it would seem.

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