Big Fella, Long Shadow


Terry McMahon writes:

Filmed in the GPO with the lofty aspiration of invoking the spirit of Michael Collins, on the 70th Anniversary on Ireland being declared a Republic, in aid of Inner City Helping Homeless. Caused a fascinating reaction in the room…

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9 thoughts on “Big Fella, Long Shadow

      1. A Person

        How can anyone sane support Aontu – their only issues appear to be getting Sturmount back (most Irish people as opposed to nordy republicans, do not want a “united Ireland”) and anti-abortion, which was already passed by an impressive majority (of Irish people). God man Terry, with your faux Irish American accent. What the f do you know about the words of Collins, the man who agreed to partition as he know it was the only way to go. Surely you should be quoting Dev, who didn’t want partition but yet kissed the ring of every catholic priest he every met?

  1. A Person

    Why are my comments not being posted? Is every comment about GO’D adn Terry being censored?

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    “Furriners out” drivel from someone who sounds like Michael Flatley? Eh, no thanks.

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