13 thoughts on “As Far As The Eye Can See

  1. phil

    Wow , those people really want to serve the irish people , or have I go something mixed up ?

    1. dhaughton99

      Members of the European parliament are paid €8,611.31 (£7,705) a month in gross salary, plus pension. On leaving the parliament they receive a golden parachute, a transition allowance worth up to €206,664, depending on length of service. €4,416 monthly “general expenditure allowance” is also awarded to MEPs to fund their constituency office. MEPs are also refunded first-class travel expenses and get a €313 daily allowance for hotel and living costs when working in Brussels and Strasbourg.

  2. fulladapipes

    A lot of posters there hung well below the minimum height of 2.3m. You’d think aspiring and current city politicians would know their own bye-laws.

  3. thepaddyman

    What a waste of plastic….
    Why would someone vote on the basis of someones face anyway?

  4. eoin

    Remind us again what the law is on defacing election posters? Is it true it’s a civil matter, not a criminal matter and the maximum damages would be the cost of the poster? And that there’s never been a legal case involving defaced posters?

    1. Liam Deliverance

      I would imagine that a poster not adhering to the poster rules can be removed without sanction, so posters not high enough, posters on road signs, posters in junctions, posters without printers name and address . . .

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Barry Andrews for example would appear to be flouting 3 rules with 1 poster in that last picture, this does not surprise me in his case, either he or one of his minions was blatantly late through a red light in his liveried SUV on Patrick St last week.

  5. martco

    the type of plastic used in those corrugated posterboards reacts in a very interesting way to the presence of certain specific solvents like Acetone some fella told me

  6. John O'Donoghue

    Does anyone else think that Barry Andrews photograph looks like the image of Colm Cooper?

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