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  1. Joan

    Lyra despised both the Tories and Fine Gael. Why were Varadker and May allowed to hijack the funeral?

      1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

        I think the National Level Politicans / Party Leaders are getting far too much attention

        Let Lyra’s Partner and Family,
        Her Friends and Neighbours
        Her Colleagues
        and all those that lived and laughed with her
        Marched with her
        Worked with her
        Went to school with her

        Bury the girl in peace
        And mourn her together

        Without the specticle of opportunistic blow-ins, with security details, in search of a shagging photo op getting in their way

        1. SOQ

          I think that Sara and Lyra’s family would have had the final say in what happened Venassa, including the church picked. Lyra passionately believed in the peace process so I expect they felt that is what she would have wanted.

        2. Spud

          The attendance of the politicians wasn’t a great opportunity for search of a perfect photo op.
          They all looked like they had their tails firmly between their legs, as they knew in some way there were accountable.

          The telling moment was when the whole congregation stood up and applauded the priests remark as ‘why now, after the death of a 29 year old woman’. They looked ashamed and pitiful.

          Her death must not be in vain, like so many others.

        1. newsjustin

          There are usually two sides to a church. The family take priority, at the front, at one side. Presidents, prime ministers, mayors at the other side. That’s how it’s usually done for one of these funerals where politicians are present.

          1. bisted

            …haven’t been in a church in a long time but I always thought it was women on one side and men on the other…

          2. Rob_G

            A poster with no knowledge on a topic still feels obliged to contribute – there you have it, folks, BS in a nutshell.

          3. rotide

            It doesn’t happen here. Ever.

            I find it strange that you haven’t been to a wedding or funeral ever and could verify this.

  2. f_lawless

    Facebook doing their bit to keep the Spaniards safe from “extremism”, I see
    “WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, just shut down the massive channel used by Spain’s independent leftist political party Podemos. And it did this just days before the general election This is actual, extreme election meddling by a foreign corporation”

    1. eoin

      They’ve removed Saoradh, the quasi political group linked to the New IRA from Twitter and Facebook. Many people will agree with the removals, people will have been outraged by Saoradh’s marches last weekend after the killing of Lyra McKee but others will find it troubling given that Saoradh is itself a lawful organisation.

  3. eoin

    Is the Times Ireland winding down operations or is it just Easter week and they’re not doing much work?

    Another very skimpy edition today. Two of the three front page stories are international (Sri Lanka, little connection to Ireland and political leaks about spy briefings in the UK) and inside, there’s a 3-day old story from the Examiner (Grace), a few opinions and yesterday’s funeral and that’s about it.

    No wonder they’re selling less than 3,200 copies a day and has Aaron Rogan jumped ship to the Sunday Business Post (not really a ship, more like that boat at the end of Jaws).

    1. Spud

      Such a thing could do marketing wonders for the wax museum here.
      They should focus on making awful (moreso) representations of celebs to keep gaining further attention and drawing in crowds who want to get the lols from selfies etc…

  4. eoin

    The Australian Supreme Court has identified the “big five game” of your anatomy, the touching of which would constitute sexual assault. Can you name the big five (hint: the bum is not one of them).

    The court case involved a cop pinching the bum of a basketball player during a photo at a charity match and the court was asked to decide if “pinching a woman’s buttocks to provoke a ‘humorous’ reaction offends against contemporary community standards of decency and propriety”

    It’s important to say that it was accepted by all, including the cop, that pinching someone’s bum was “an unlawful assault”, the question was whether it was, on top of that, a sexual assault, and in the end, the bum was held not to be one of the points on your body, man’s or woman’s, which merits a sexual assault charge.


    1. millie st murderlark

      I’d be very interested in seeing what the Scots have to say this time around.

    2. rotide

      Good sweet lord you are intensely annoying.

      The GFA doesn’t take into account any other area in the world having referendums when it provisions for a vote within ireland.

      You know this. You just insist on vomiting out words.

  5. Johnny

    ‘As they did at Russell Brewer’s execution eight years ago, James Byrd Jr.’s sisters witnessed John William King’s execution Wednesday evening.‘

    The murder of James Byrd and the brutality involved led to the passing of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act-basically it expands the 1969 United States federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
    Does Ireland really still have no hate crime laws ?


  6. Junkface

    Brexit has already destabilized Northern Ireland in the border regions. Politicians need to understand that their bad ideas effect millions of lives. Seeing that bunch of idiots all together at a Funeral really speaks volumes about modern politics.

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