This afternoon.

Mourners outside St Anne’s Cathedral during  the funeral service of murdered journalist Lyra McKee.



This afternoon.

From top: UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (watched by President Higgins, right); UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Varadkar and DUP Leader Arlene Foster at St Anne’s Cathedral for the funeral service of murdered journalist Lyra McKee.


This afternoon.

The funeral of 29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast is taking place.

Pics: Rollingnews

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18 thoughts on “In Belfast

  1. eoin

    Such symbolism there today, front pew, Leo first, then Theresa (who only decided at 9am today to attend), then Michael D. I think (gay) Minister Katherine Zappone and Tanaiste Simon Coveney are there some place as well. When you consider where Northern Ireland was only half a decade ago with gay rights, it’s inspiring to see, well done to them.

    Also, the rendition of the Cranberries song “Dreams” by the two women was so poignant, was there a dry eye left in the place afterwards.

  2. A Person

    Amazing that it took Arlene and Mary Lou about 5 minutes to start clapping, and then only half hearted. Keep Northern Ireland separate!

    1. Ronan

      You’ll also notice that a few seconds after everyone stood up, Mary Lou turns to Michelle as if to say, feck we better clap now.

      They clapped in obligation to the situation, and not in any way because of what had been said. They don’t like their narrative challenged

  3. SOQ

    In the best known church in NI, a funeral service led by a Protestant minister and a Catholic priest sat two prime ministers, an Irish president, a leader of UK opposition, all the leaders of the main political parties in NI and other members of the Irish government. There were important people in attendance too I expect.

    Who knew that this small good natured girl from Clinftonville would command such an attendance? Partly because of the way she died but also, partly because of her. A child of the ceasefire who wrote about a different kind of struggle, who had an empathy and openness that many of us could and should learn from.

    Sometimes difference doesn’t matter and this was one of those times although I suspect if Lyra was alive, she’d be making a beeline towards the most different person she could find so, she could learn and also challenge. This is what the ceasefire generation do, and long may it continue.

  4. eoin

    “Impossible to ignore”

    This was quite a special moment during Lyra McKee’s service at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast yesterday. “Saint Sister”, Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre sing the Cranberries “Dreams” a cappella.

    From 44:30 in on the video to 48:00

    RIP Lyra

  5. Michael McCabe

    The poor woman’s funeral should have been private. What we have here is a grotesque example of virtue signaling. From the top down.

    1. Ian-O

      I’d probably think the same but her life and her death revolves around the media so it really was down to her family and loved ones I suppose?

      For the worst possible reason, she has become the best possible role model for the younger people in NI.

      I usually despise public declarations of sorrow when it comes to strangers but this act has really got me, I find it difficult to look at the pictures of her without feeling deep sadness. I hope her partner, family and friends can find some measure of peace one day.

  6. Dub Spot


    Celebrate Lyra’s life and offer condolences to family and friends.

    But forget the politicians. Funerals are their thing in Ireland. It should be the community’s shared grief and determination that should be reported on.

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