We Are Yet But Young Indeed


This morning.

Indeed EMEA HQ in Capital Dock, Dublin.

Visibly jubilant Indeed milennial drones staff celebrate the arrival of Heather Humphries, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation and Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Minister of State for Higher Education; to their ‘campus’ (workplace) and the announcement by CEO Chris Hyams of 600 new places at the jobs search website, mainly in the field of phone answering and ‘stuff’.


He knows.

She’s always known.

He thinks he knows.

18 thoughts on “We Are Yet But Young Indeed

  1. GiggidyGoo

    The FG ministers should also be wearing a shirt with a slogan ‘I help people get awarded tender contracts’

  2. TheQ47

    He knows.

    So does the woman in the row behind him, between the two women with glasses.

    Oh, she REALLY knows.

    1. martco

      another bit of her just died inside

      (but hey she has a lifetime of living in her parents gaff to look forward to, wha)

      1. Nomad

        That’s all they’ll own in future, the shirts on their backs, everything will be on rent.

    2. phil

      The 2 of them should run, there is nothing they can do about it and they will only end up corrupting the rest before they find out themselves ….

      1. martco

        yes, run! maybe it’s like Logan’s Run where they’d better escape to sanctuary before they hit 30 & get the mandatory retirement package

    3. Otis Blue

      The poor guy in the 3rd pic, back row fourth from left, is clearly evaluating his life choices.

      The prospect of having to listen to deadwood like Humphrys and Mitchell O’Connor droning on would do that to you.

      Was it for this…?

  3. :-Joe

    “Help people get..” …what, now?

    Free social programming to help get out of bed earlier by the blue-bibs?..

    Ahh.. Oh.. wait, I thought it was an open display of facist power by Der leo-dar’s new FG/(ff) psychadelic youth wing..

    Y’know? To ward off any public support for Peter Casey’s fuzzy-headed, anti-establishment, racy-right, ding-dong, populist, cha-ching campaign about to kick off.

    Ok I’ve gone too far off the tip of the tangent but those blueshirts are way too vague as usual….


  4. Dub Spot


    More Jobs for Millennials by Millennials.

    Ironically Varadkar, Humphrys, and the other one would be regarded as too old to even be offered an interview there.

    When are we going to see some PR about solid jobs in engineering, innovation, creativity, design, and sustainability emerge on the pages of the Irish Times and friends…

  5. Chris

    I will not miss this call centre with their groups of 10-20 staff having smoke breaks out the front of their building on St Stephens Green all day every day- I hope they have a nice hidden smoking hut down at the grand canal offices!

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