Behold: the Tesla Model P. Or rather,  a pre-launch tease from the drawing board of Turkish auto designer Enre Husmen.

For now, pricing and specifications remain a mystery but the chunky electric truck will be launched formally later this year.

More pix here.


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7 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

      1. Paulus

        ..and the names:

        You might find;

        Ford Flagrante
        Mitsubishi Marauder
        Volkswagen Voracious

        You’ll never hear of;

        Dacia Daffodil
        Hyundai Huggy
        Renault Reclusive

  1. Matt

    Model P?

    But, but, that won’t fit with Tesla’s “witty” naming convention … models S, 3, X, and their soon to be released bigger SUV thing called Y.


    See what they did there?

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