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Graeme Kelly writes:

On Sunday 4 out of the 10 ESB Rapid charge points in Dublin were Out Of Order. For EV drivers  this is a nightmare, especially if you have a low battery. The one just North of Malahide has been broken for 1 month which means a detour to the Airport or to Applegreen at Lusk Service Station. 

Tesla are building Charge Points all round the country (eg. Applegreen Castlebellingham) and consist of EIGHT charge points in each location. However, they will not be available to other EV users. 

At present Tesla owners use the ESB chargers for free with a special CHAdemo adapter. Surely in the interest of promoting the uptake of Electric Vehicles the Gov/ESB should agree with Tesla that use of each others charging stations is available to all EV Cars (even for a fee ?).


Concept designs for the officially unannounced (but apparently due for release in 2019) Tesla Roadster Y by Brazilian designer Vinicius Buch.

 Founder Elon Musk has hinted that the successor to the original Model S P100D roadster (which ceased production in 2012) will have an even more impressive sub-2 second 0-100km/h time.

And some kind of windscreen/roof combination, presumably.


Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk is a bit of a real life Tony Stark – founding PaPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

He’s having having a rather public spat at the moment with New York Times reporter John Broder over a review of the Tesla Model S in cold weather conditions.

Since the car was returned to the Tesla dealership, the data logs could be pulled and Musk responded with a break down of the data that seemed to show Broder wasn’t entirely truthful about his trip. (As an aside in the unlikely instance you ever do get a Model S there’s an API you can access to get at the data)

Of course, things haven’t stopped there. Broder has since hit back with a response to the response in turn refuting the data and clarifying his drive.

Which explains the comic strip.



The lads from Arc Attack use two custom-engineered generators and the principal of the Singing Tesla Coil to create their own cover of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, complete with twelve-foot electrical arcs.

Guns ‘n’ Roses should try this. Without the suits.