26 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Trinity College Dublin

    1. Clampers Outside!

      The fact you had to qualify the question is sad, even though it is a perfectly reasonable one.
      No clue here either btw.

      1. TheQ47

        It’s impossible to know by text if someone is being sarcastic or genuinely doesn’t know.

        1. martco

          /S = sarcasm
          the kids tack on /S apparently

          dunno on genuinely but it could be /miriamocallaghan

  1. phil

    What! I thought our grandparents ran him out of Ireland and banned his work from being published here , looks like we are celebrating him now ….

  2. Johnny Keenan

    Trinity needs to start doing degrees in street smart.
    Where in order to obtain a degree you have to have had a one hour conversation with 100 random people, that you would meet on college green.

    This degree should not be exclusive to Trinity though

    If we could get some respected on line news site to sponsor the course there could be many a mind walking around a BS qualification.
    Only then can we possibly consider each other as equal and respectful to each other’s needs

    1. rotide

      Good idea. Who needs to actually, you know LEARN anything when you can just chill out and blaze it and act like you know anything

      1. realPolithicks

        I’m guessing that that’s pretty much how you’ve gotten by there woebetide.

  3. Susan

    according to the introduction this art piece wants to elaborate the knowledge passing by generations, as Leah is doing her dissertation on Samule Beckett’s work.

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