Daycent Dubs


Above from top: Jamie Carroll Comiskey from Homeless Mobile Run; Garda Eimear Cantwell; Ann Birney from Inner City Helping Homeless; performer Paul Ryder and (bottom pic) the four nominees with 98FM presenters Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon.

This morning.

Sandymount Strand, Dublin 4.

Nominees in 98FM’s Best of Dublin 2019 – unsung heroes who are “the ultimate celebration of the best our city has to offer”.

In fairness.

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24 thoughts on “Daycent Dubs

    1. missred

      And as for Adrian Kennedy, jaysus. Is he still hosting his late night radio show for all the country’s cranks and racists?

      1. Birneybau2

        Nah, during the morning. Jeremy riles someone up, they call in, Adrian gets some milage out of it.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    No idea who any of them are – so assume this is a vote-rigging success – but that man/woman in the red wore the wrong shoes for that sand.

  2. Andrew

    Don’t want to seem harsh, but is there no requirement for Gardai to keep a minimum level of fitness? I see so many around the place, both men and women, who wouldn’t be much use pursuing anyone on foot.
    I don’t know who any of these people are apart from that. Two people who are involved in separate homeless charities. How many homeless charities is that now?

  3. curmudgeon

    Dear Lord do the Gards not have minimum fitness levels? We have some of the fattest police in the world, and at a much younger age than most. Overpaid and overweight, no wonder public confidence in them is so low.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      disciplining others when you can’t discipline what you stick in your gob
      harsh #2

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        now I feel a bit mean, I’m sure she’s lovely but as a guard I agree a level of fitness ought to be necessary

          1. realPolithicks

            Imagine if that was how policing worked, cops disarming you with their smile now that would be nice.

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