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  1. dav

    I saw his horse crap ad in the Sunday Times a few weeks back. Great to see property developers dictating social and housing policy, nothing can possibly go wrong…

    1. realPolithicks

      Its been going on for years dav and society is reaping the rewards in the form of record numbers of families homeless, record rents around the country and houses unaffordable for most people.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    there’s no “new homes” being built on that site and we don’t need more hotel rooms.

  3. Dr.Fart MD

    also, when they were told they’d have to include affordable homes they argued that it would bring down the area. shamelessly horrible, dishonest, selfish people who are in essence, everything wrong with Ireland today.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        exactly. and they don’t care, they’re the ultimate “well I’m alright, Jack” selfish, greedy sorts who destroyed this country already, bringing on the last recession. and now eager to do it again, they don’t care the effect it has on the country or it’s people, once they’re personally making fortunes. they’ll always be like that, and we need a government willing to stop them.

        1. Dr_Chimp

          Yeah never mind the number of people that will end up working in these buildings. When the north and south docks are complete there will be a 50/50 mix of commercial/residential across all.the blocks as per the SDZ planning. Residential development is borderline viable from a profit perspective which is why commercial is being built first. More social and affordable makes it even less viable. Also, explain how you think this is bringing on the next recession??

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            there’s very little residential units planned, and theyre only affordable for people who can afford the same price elsewhere that majority can’t afford anyway, so theyre not necessarily residential units that are needed, they’re just a surplus for people who don’t suffer from the housing crisis. not that you or your mates care about other people anyway. johnny ronans building has no residential units planned. as for that age old line “think of the jobs it’ll bring” we don’t employment issues, and anyway, where the hell will these people live? not something you care about either. see it’s hard to understand how things can work for everyone, when your tunnel visioned and selfish like you and your type are. then you go on about profit, like its the most important issue. further showing you dont understand or care about society. again, showing your hand. I didn’t say it’s bringing on a recession, I said the developers etc. involved here, ARE the people who brought on the last recession, and when theyre let do as they please, they don’t care what happens once theyre alright.

        2. A Person

          Very misinformed. The housing crisis in Dublin is, in part, a result of a lack of supply, partly contributed to by DCC councillors insisting on no buildings in Dublin over 8 storeys, spurred on by NIMBYs and votes. As a result we don’t have enough dwellings, regardless of price to house our population. Yet, ill informed people like you will insist that we cannot build any height in this country- it should all be 3 bed semi-ds in Laois that people can afford and fupp people wanting to live in Dublin.

          Do you not get the supply adn demand thing – the more units there are, the more chance more people can afford to buy or rent.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            do you really think they’re building 10 story buildings full of residential units along the dockland? if they were, id say make em 20 stories high. johnny ronans building in question, has no residential units. so nothing you said is relevant here.

  4. Grace

    The height limits in the docklands are a joke – why does everything have to stop at 10 stories?
    It’s resulted in a series of stumpy glass boxes up and down the north and south quays.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      coz ya block out the light for rows behind it. how would you like to live in a permanent shadow?

  5. ReproBertie

    “Just two extra floors are needed to bring new jobs to the capital”
    What does that even mean? Is there a company somewhere demanding this building but only if it has two more floors? Jobs jobs jobs. As if there can be no objection to anything because jobs. Dublin is choked in traffic and homelessness. How about jobs in other parts of the country where the cost of housing is cheaper?

  6. Andrew

    Isn’t air travel and therefore tourism contributing to climate change? Should we really be encouraging it?
    AirBnB etc. making less property available for people who work in the city.

  7. Vanessa (spiritually) Frilly Keane

    Why isn’t there more uproar about the decimation of inner city communities

    Far too much bull rhymes with hit talk about height restrictions

    Traditional indigenous inner city communities
    The communities that made Dublin and Cork unique cities with their own identities and culture
    Even slang

    The Marsh and Jewtown in Cork
    The Liberties, Maryland, the Docklands & Ringsend in Dublin
    Are being cleansed here with all this commercial development

    London made it work

    WTF lads

  8. eoin

    Jebus, why did it have to be Johnny Ronan and Colony advocating for greater heights in certain parts of Dublin. It makes total sense in areas like the docklands and in fifty years, does anyone think Ireland won’t have skycrapers? But anyone with a memory which stretches back more than a decade will reactively be hostile to Johnny, even though he has delivered major projects including the national convention centre.

  9. BobbyJ

    Imagine taking development/planning advice from Johnny “Arbeit Macht Frei” Ronan

  10. Mr. P

    I’m living in the US at the moment, in a condo/apartment tower block,
    43 floors, 38 of which are residential units x 12,
    This brings 456 homes to a plot about the footprint of a woodies shop & carpark, or at my estimate an estate of 30-40 houses
    We need to do this in Dublin.

  11. class wario

    FWIW I think there is probably some value to being more open to taller buildings in certain areas of Dublin and the docklands would probably be one. However I think there is a lot to be said for maintaining the character of Dublin elsewhere and the thought of these vultures using any increase in max building size to start throwing skyscrapers up all over the place is a bad one

    A problem arises when private backers who stand to benefit massively from a financial POV are using underhanded and subversive means to try and influence policy surrounding this. condescending little ads like these are one thing but ronan-adjacent groups were also pushing anonymous online ads to this effect last year. Interesting how Paddy Cosgrave (another gimp) doing this to draw attention to our tax regime was subject to about 1000x more scrutiny and media attention all the same.

    There is an element of feigned charity to this rhetoric too, as if Ronan et al are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts and the failure to allow them to do so is causing emotive issues like the homelessness crisis to be exacerbated. As has been said above, no homeless people are going to benefit from an office or subsequently apartments being built in the docklands. they will house well off yuppie types and any housing will be drip fed off to ensure a tidy profit. It’s not profitable to encourage smart building or community upkeep or development, just build build build. To hell with the wider effects. The sad thing is that the catchphrase esque “build up!!!” stuff will continue to resonate with people as a seemingly snappy solution to an issue that is anything but.

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