Aoife Grace Moore, of the Press Association, tweetz:

Pro-IRA graffiti has been put up just metres from where Lyra McKee was shot in Creggan, warning off the community from helping the police with their investigation. Warns “informers will be executed”.

Pro-IRA graffiti at Lyra McKee murder scene warns ‘informers will be executed’ (The Irish Examiner)

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30 thoughts on “In Derry

  1. kellMA

    These people….. Morons is too polite. I remember once looking at the website of republican SF and it was atrocious. It was like a cesspit of low IQ reprobates. When people like that get their hands on weapons….

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That’s exactly it. I wouldn’t mock a low IQ but the two frightening characteristics of your typical shinner is 1) how brainwashed these individuals are and 2) how they enjoy (crave almost) the power of having access to an armed weapon. I’ve met some of the Dublin members and it’s glaringly obvious who the dopes are and who the influencers are.

  2. Pat

    Informers. Journalists. Their own feet.
    These gangster scumbags will shoot anything! Yee Harr!

  3. eoin

    “Informers will be shot – IRA”

    “Whistleblowers will be destroyed – FG”

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite


      you SF/IRA lot are a dangerous bunch of fascists that doesn’t like their authority questioned.

    2. Rob_G


      Well done eoin – 100 Sinn Féin Online Defender™ points for you, you will catch up with Johnny yet…

      1. johnny

        “There’s an inner thing in every man,
        Do you know this thing my friend?
        It has withstood the blows of a million years,
        And will do so to the end.

        It lights the dark of this prison cell,
        It thunders forth its might,
        It is ‘the undauntable thought’, my friend,
        That thought that says ‘I’m right!’

        Bobby Sands-The Rhythm Of Time:)

        1. Rob_G

          I actually had that poster on my bedroom wall as a child, back when I used to have a similarly black-and-white view on the world as you have.

          I’m sure that the people who murdered Lyra McKee, and the people that mow down pedestrians on busy promenades in the name of God, share that exact same sentiment.

          1. Johnny

            Rob-it’s just crass and craven to appropriate the grief of Lyra’s friends and family,to score cheap political points and have a go at my beliefs.To utilize her senseless murder for your own selfish and idiotic ends,so shortly after her murder,is incredibly bad taste and just wrong,your hardly a champion of LBGT rights or women.
            Try have some decency and allow her Rest In Peace,have some respect also for her grieving family and friends before evoking her murder to score your cheap points,it’s the least you can do.

          2. Rob_G

            I was responding to eoin’s bizarre non-sequitor above, to which you (dare I say it, trying to score political points) posted Bobby Sands assertion that, so long as someone is convinced that they are right, all else is secondary. I am merely pointing out that this sentiment is harboured by very many who commit evil acts in the name of some cause of other (of course, by many who do very positive things, also).

            “your(sic) hardly a champion of LBGT rights or women.” – like when?
            I’m afraid I won’t be lectured by a supporter of the woman-murdering, rapist-moving-around IRA – thanks

          3. Johnny

            Did you even read Aoife’s piece,in responding to Eoin why did you feel the need to have a swipe at my beliefs,to spread sectarian hatred and bigotry ?
            It’s extremely well written,balanced and fair she’s a very talented journalist,great writer.At no point in her reporting from Derry does she mention Sinn Fein or attempt to equate this horrific and shocking murder with events from the 1970’s.
            You have been told/asked many time on here Rob to join us in 2019,your latest crass stunt of evoking a recently murdered journalist to besmirch SF is probably your lowest yet,rivaled only by your consistent misogyny,try have some class and manners Rob,grow up FFS.

      2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Can they use those points against the cost of those little ArmaLite pendants in the SF/IRA website?

        They are really cute

    1. A Person

      I agree totally. Where are all the usual shinners apologists on this comment section now?

      1. johnny

        -gosh they probably actually read the article instead of spouting the usual knee jerk west brit sectarian, anti SF nonsense.
        “People see these gangs for what they are – they aren’t republicans, they are filth, and people recognise that,” he added.”

        1. A Person

          How am I a west brit for expressing an informed opinion that we don’t want the north with their sectarian, violent, murdering ways? I’m Irish to teh core adn recognise that northern Ireland is a different country (have you been there in July). Your pres in Chicago marking behind a banner saying Brits out, your cousins marching behind a banner in Dublin talking about a revolution. We don’t want you. Note the sign says “IRA”, not any other group – you and the shinners are them.

          1. johnny

            -can you try that again in English,perhaps its your simian fingers or banging the keyboard so hard but I haven’t a fooking clue what your trying mumble or say-oh and it was Fifth Ave NY-that was Leo in ChiTown with the con out on bail.

          2. A Person

            Good man, I had a couple of typos but you still got the message enough to reply to one part only. You still could not reply to the main narrative – you and the RA are a different country and we don’t want you or your ilk.

            BTW it’s “you’re trying ‘to’ mumble” not “your”; sentences begin with capitals; your use of the hyphen is incorrect, and should be prefixed and followed with a space; commas should also be followed by a space.

            Fair play on simian though. However, play the ball, not the man.

          3. johnny

            -yeah whatever-I’m siting in Soho NY about grab a bite shortly,but carry on:)
            -a couple of typos-haha

          4. Ciuncainteach

            You expressed an opinion. It would be quite a stretch to call it informed.

      2. Rob_G

        It’s mad how all of the regular IRA apologists cleverly disproved A Person’s point by piling into the thread and spewing forth…

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