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Venezuela president Nicolás Maduro



President Maduro stays in office despite large May day protests in Venezuela (EuroNews)


Alice writes:

Did you hear Sean O’Rourke Show [RTÉ Radio One] yesterday discussing Venezuela? The two panelists are well known to be pro-US. Not that Sean O’Rourke told the listeners. Rory Carroll (Guardian Ireland correspondent) is married to Ligimat Perez Garcia, who happens to be extremely anti-Maduro. Carroll himself wrote a book lamenting the fact that Chavez got elected. The other panelist Eileen Gavin works for Global Risk Consultancy Verisk Maplecroft (which is pretty much a neo-conservative consultancy agency).

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15 thoughts on “Still In Office

  1. bisted

    …didn’t you know that Simon Coveney has already given Ireland’s recognition to Guaido in the attempt to remove Maduro and bring about regime change…

  2. f_lawless

    Carrol’s latest piece in the Guardian entitled “Former bus driver clings to the wheel in Venezuela” is appalling .

    I posted this before, but here he is getting called out on twitter for his previous work in Venezuela by British-Chilean journalist and documentary filmmaker Pablo Navarrete .
    “The Guardian has been at the forefront of smearing the Venezuelan government at least since @rorycarroll72’s arrival in Caracas in 2005. He was their 1st Latin America editor in 20 yrs. He asked to meet me and told me knew nothing about Latin America and didn’t speak Spanish.

    Imagine the contempt The Guardian (ostensibly a leftwing newspaper) must have for its readers to send such an underqualified person to report on the regional “pink tide” wave, that was at its height at that moment, and that had Venezuela at its epicentre.

    He invited me to his housewarming party, in Altamira (one of the richest part of Caracas in the east) at a luxurious penthouse style apartment. Foreign correspondents + other “expats” in the apt’s expansive veranda sipped cocktails while the barrio lights glistened on the horizon

    I lived in Venezuela for two years between 2005 and 2007. When I arrived I thought The Guardian was a leftwing newspaper. By the time I left I was clear it wasn’t. I felt almost ashamed at my naivety”

    1. eoin

      Agree with you about the Guardian, one of their correspondents tweeted on Tuesday that it was “like Tianamen” after an armoured vehicle deliberately drove at a group of protesters. As far as I could see, three protesters were left on the ground and there were no reports of fatalities. It’s believed that around 10,000 were killed in Tianamen Square in 1989. It seemed the Guardian are deliberately trying to whip up outrage.

  3. eoin

    It’s nearly 15 years since the USA gave a similar ultimatum to the legitimate leader of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide to get out, take a plane somewhere and leave the country in the hand of the USA. Since then, Haiti has been relentlessly exploited by the USA and certain friends of US politicians. It’s one of the world’s most corrupt countries, the USA itself warns its citizens against any travel there, it’s dirt poor, there are basic food and energy shortages and violence is rampant.

    On Tuesday, the USA ordered Maduro, the democratically elected president to fly away or else.

    1. eoin

      Has Coveney come out to whore out our neutrality since last Tuesday?

      In February, he announced

      ““In the absence of such an announcement, I join other EU Member States in acknowledging and supporting Mr. Juan Guaidó, President of the democratically elected National Assembly*, as President ad interim of Venezuela, in order for him to call for free, fair and democratic presidential elections.”

      That announcement means that practically all coverage of Venezuela carries the line “over 50 countries have given their support to Juan Guaido” Ireland is one of the 50. Who the hell does Simon Coveney think he is?

      *President of the democratically elected National Assembly = speaker or Ceann Comhairle of the Assembly, Guaido didn’t even contest the presidential elections last year which Maduro won.

        1. johnny

          -do you hare a sub to The Torygraph, Cian or is it the daily at FG headquarters ?

        2. f_lawless

          but that’s the dumbed down narrative western corporate media would have you believe. Here’s a more informed explanation:
          Those parties who were constantly trying to derail the democratic process with boycotts were told that if you boycotted the previous election, this time you would have actually engage with the process and reapply to show that you met the minimum threshold of support before being able to run in the next.

          “In order to reapply to run in an election, a party needs to show it has the support of at least 0.5 percent of voters. This requirement can be found in the Law of Political Parties, Public Meetings and Demonstrations (Chapter II, Article 10).

          Earlier this year, the National Electoral Council (CNE) clarified that for nationwide elections, parties need to meet the 0.5 percent threshold across at least 12 states. The party itself is free to choose whichever states it wants, so long as it can meet the voter threshold.

          At this point, it’s worth noting this requirement isn’t particularly onerous by international standards, such as those of the US. For example, in California a party only needs the support of 0.33 percent of registered voters to qualify to appear on the ballot. However in Florida – which has a population nearly two-thirds the size of Venezuela – the threshold is significantly higher, at 5 percent. Nonetheless, nobody is claiming Florida is a dictatorship, are they?”

      1. Cian

        and why Guaido?

        “The President of the National Assembly is second in the line of succession of the President of Venezuela after the Vice President, as stated in Article 233 of the constitution.”

        If the presidential election is in doubt you skip President and Vice President and go to #3.

        1. f_lawless

          please, spare us the western imperialist mindset…the US and their EU lackeys get to declare who the legitimate leaders of sovereign nations are? We’ve seen way too much of that to disastrous effect every time

    2. realPolithicks

      cian responding to eoin’s comments hmmmmmm……talk among yourselves…

  4. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Successive financially and economically illiterate governments have turned one of the world’s most oil rich nations into a failed state.

    1. johnny

      -says the illiterate hate filled sectarian bigot and misogynist,who wastes his days spreading sectarian propaganda and hatred,which is highly offensive to many….

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