Staying In Tonight?


Environmental Pillar?

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2 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. maidhc breathnach

    what is the point of ” hearing court cases in Public” when our legal betters(Judges) deem it as unsuitable for our hears to hear and our eyes to see.Why don’t they just do away with the jury and public hearing and let 3 judges between them settle cases.There are numerous advantages 1.Expenses cut 2. decision will be done in quicktime 3.The public don’t have to sit and listen to BS while they can go about their productive business.4. the lawyers will be put on the back foot and the “Learned gentlemen and ladies” will decide who should give evidence thus saving the state a fortune on legal fees.5.As I am not on the electoral roll there is little chance I’ll be called and if I were , I would decline to serve on health grounds.All one needs is a note from a GP.

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