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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Great to see the English Daily Star calling themselves out for getting it wrong…

    1. Catherine costelloe

      I find this account hair raising when over 1,300 young disabled people are forced into aged nursing homes. They are allowed to keep 35 euro a week of their disability payment. Finan Mc Grath says such environment are entirely unsuitable – hardly rocket science to work that out!! No old folks home for Brian beckons . I despair at our inept politicians.

      1. Otis Blue

        That ineptitude disappears though when it comes to sucking on the taxpayer’s teat, filling out expense claims, corporate ‘welfare’, cronyism et feckin cetera…

      2. Andrew

        At the end of the day, Brian didn’t just magic himself a seat in the European Parliament.
        He was elected. Enough people thought him worthy enough to give him their vote.
        No point expecting someone to hand the money back or refuse it, most people wouldn’t.
        I blame the electorate.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Fianna Fail langers voted him in in their droves. Crowley may have been a pointless waste of space, but he was Fianna Fail’s pointless waste of space!

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      You need to look at the actions of Hamas before making such judgements.

        1. Rob_G

          I think any civilian deaths are awful, and I definitely have plenty of criticisms of Israeli foreign policy, but what are they supposed to do, just sit there twiddling their thumbs while the rockets rain down?

          1. Nigel

            I hate trying to debate israel/Palestine, because it’s impossible to avoid whataboutery and both-sideism, but what are the Palestinians supposed to do while the bullets rain down, the bombs rain down, the bulldozers knock down, the settlers move in, the land is annexed, the border is sealed, the economy crippled, people are arrested or shot, etc, sit there twiddling their thumbs? Palestine is a failed state and embodies all the catastrophic chaos and violence and extremism that comes from failed states. Israel is now a heavily right-wing country, and embodies everything that’s catastrophically wrong with the right-wing approach to conflict and militarism, feeding off and perpetuating the eternal enemy that is the failed state of Palestine.

            I do find giving out about RTE to be kind of inane. Back when everybody was boycotting South Africa, there was a real sense that the pressure being brought to bear and the moral outrage was working and meaningful, because there was change coming from within. But with israel, external pressure just entrenches things even further. Any internal movement away from right-wing extremism seems to have faltered years ago. At a guess I’d say the only thing that would help would be a radical shift in US foreign policy and we’re a while away from that, if ever, and even then it may be too little too late.

          2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            Israel’s failure to move away from a right wing ideology is only part of the problem. Hamas is entrenched in a suicidal Islamic ideology. It is a perfect shitstorm. Until both recognise each others right to exist, nothing will change.

            Hamas uses suicide bombers, uses women and children as shields, murders gays and adulterers.

            The Hamas ideology is not one any sane person can support.

          3. bisted

            …well Nigel…you’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve no wish to debate with you…your description of Palestine as a ‘failed state’ rather than an occupied state tells me all I need to know about your views…as for RTE…they should be boycotted now on their eagerness to participate in Eurovision…their licence income is dropping by the day and they have shot themselves in the foot this time…luckily I’m not a zionazi sniper or it wouldn’t have been their foot…

          4. Nigel

            Would it appease your twisted snoot if I said it’s failed because it’s occupied? I hope not. Keep your snoot twisted.

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    That’s an unfortunate photo to place above that headline on The Times.

  3. eoin

    469 metres – the extra distance “inadvertently” added on to the Belfast marathon yesterday.

    Which is almost exactly the same distance Jesus Christ had to walk with the patibulum on the Via Dolorosa.

    That’ll teach them to desecrate the Lords Day (for the first time, the marathon was run on a Sunday).

    Sore legs, this morning? How do you think Christ felt?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Any chance of re-opening Spike Island and sending these New Ethnic violent folk there? And let them hammer the hell out of each other to their hearts content without normal settled tax-paying folk being attacked all of the time?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        On the contrary. The blue shirts have been aware of the problems with the New Ethnics for decades. And their reaction has been to allow the likes of Drogheda escalate, even going so far as to bestow ethnicity on them

  5. eoin

    The Companies Registration Office launches its Beneficial Ownership Register today.


    Irish-registered companies are required to disclose who really owns them. In most (all?) cases, that will be clear from the share register. So, it’s a bit of a waste of time.

    What we really need is a register of who beneficially owns *foreign-registered* companies, especially companies owning one-off premises, especially houses. The Brits will be introducing such a register in 2021. No plans for such a register here.

  6. eoin

    Not sure about the Times Ireland report today. Is it just urban myth scare mongering or is there more to it?

    Catherine Sanz writes

    “A typical Volafile discussion on Irish women will often begin with a user putting the name and location of a woman into the live chat. Others will then assist by trawling through social media channels. A portfolio is then made available for others to download”

    There’s a sexual threat vibe to the Times reporting.

    The social protection minister (and public services card champion) Regina Doherty has weighed in to harrumph there should be stricter laws to protect women from the “perverts and morons” on these sites. Yes Regina, collecting data about every aspect of citizens’ lives should be reserved for your Department, because you’d never mis-use it, right?

    1. BS

      I wonder if anyone has actually been on the “/b” board on 4chan where this stuff apparently happens.

      If anyone who wrote these articles on them have actually gone on there they’d see that what actually happens on there is…well…mindless to say the least. It’s a lot of people sharing pics of girls they fancy from fb/Instagram and…well..that’s the least weird stuff on there.

      The internet can’t be censored. Well it can, but then you turn into China/Saudi/Russia etc where covert monitoring malware is installed on your home router and devices to monitor all you do online, which the government in Saudi for example says is for anti terrorism reasons, but it’s also used to silence political opponents.

      Is what goes up on 4chan morally dubious? Yes some of it. Will any of these people come out from behind their keyboards and do anything they say they will? No probably not. But if they do, that’s what the Gardai are for, to deal with people breaking the law

      What you can’t do is try to magic up laws to stop people freely using the internet.

  7. Rob_G

    Wasn’t much comment yesterday on the The Times’ report that Focus Ireland is trying to evict some of their own tenants (one of whom in fairness owes them €10k), while last year they were campaigning for a law to ban their fellow landlords from evicting their problem tenants.

    I suppose it’s all well and good to say that no-one should be evicted, ever; it’s a different kettle of fish when its your own asset worth hundreds of thousands of euro at stake…

      1. Rob_G

        I don’t think he’s doing a great job; I think that portfolio was a poison chalice, and it would be impossible for anyone given the role to make everyone happy.

        Not sure of the relevance of this to my comment above(?)

        1. Yep

          There isn’t any really. I was just curious given your general view on the issue. I think you’re being far too kind to him. The excuse of it being a really hard job doesn’t sit well with me after this length of time and the consistent failings of his Department.

          1. Rob_G

            While I don’t think that he has showered himself in glory (he certainly hasn’t), I’m not sure that a change in minister would improve things rapidly. I think part of the problem is that while the overarching strategy is the responsibility of the minister, a lot of its implementation lies within the competence of CC’s, where other factors will be at play.

            Also, quangos – there is a new 44-storey building proposed for the quays at present, which would provide 1,000 much-needed apartments, and I’m sure An Bord Pleanala will object with some old guff about the low-rise character of the city or some such.

      1. Rob_G

        I kind of like The Times’ policy of catching out the anointed self-righteous – first, the SD’s with the Ellie Kisoymbe story, and now the homeless industry.

  8. Dub Spot

    Garda Band antics. Couldn’t just throw a TV licence out the hotel window when on tour….

    Was there a message from the bottle involved?

  9. eoin

    Our national broadcaster, which is 100% beholden to Washington, forgot to report over the weekend that the United Nations has called for Julian Assange to be released from the UK prison where he’s been sentenced to 50 weeks detention for breaching bail conditions.


    Why would you report such a thing when the USA is trying to get Assange extradited. Shure, people might feel a degree a sympathy for the man if you reported the UN was calling for his release.

  10. eoin

    Poor Sunday Times yesterday, it didn’t really have anything new on the FAI or the national broadband plan and it is under extreme pressure to halt the slide in its sales, so what did it do, it published a headline which suggested the housing charity Focus are a shower of hypocrites for evicting tenants from its housing.

    If you read down through the article you get the response from Focus to the evictions “We only called for a moratorium on evictions in circumstances where tenants could be evicted due to the property being sold or repossessed.. Additionally, Focus Ireland has never called for a freeze on evictions right across the board. We believe tenants should pay fair rents and fulfil the normal expectations in relation to respect of property and their neighbours.”

    And when the socialists introduced their anti-eviction Bill last year, which included the “Focus Ireland amendment”, the Bill aimed to stop or impede evictions in the following ways

    “provide for greater security of tenure by extending tenancy rights for those with a licence to reside in student specific accommodation; by the inclusion of receivers and lenders that have taken possession of properties in the definition of a landlord; by the extension of notice periods for termination of new tenancies; by making all tenancies over two months Part 4 tenancies; by making Part 4 tenancies of indefinite duration; by removing sale of property as a ground for terminating a tenancy; by providing for compensation where a tenancy is terminated on the ground that the dwelling is required by the landlord or a relative of the landlord for their own occupation; by removing renovation and refurbishment as a ground for termination of a tenancy; and by the extension of notice periods for new rents and for the termination of tenancies.”

    Neither the socialists nor Focus Ireland are calling for a total moratorium on all evictions in all circumstances. You still need pay your rent and behave yourself if you’re a tenant, which most people would probably think is fair. But that nuancing would stop the Sunday Times grabbing your attention with “they’re a shower of hypocrites” headline. Was the extra copy or two sold worth it, Colin?

  11. johnny

    -oh my the dragon, peak tv for me on Sundays-Killing Eve BBC America,GofT on HBO and my fav Barry also on HBO.
    -as its a holiday this is somewhat amusing or alarming kinda depends on ones views bout election meddling,the ruskies may do a better job in Irl,than the tories currently wrecking the place:)

    “The election center in Dublin will be open through this month’s vote. Data analysts, content moderators, engineers and attorneys from across Facebook were flown in from around the world. All 24 of the European Union’s official languages are represented.

    Inside the room, employees — many in jeans, T-shirts and hoodies — appeared to be mostly in their 20s or 30s. Many seemed to be browsing news articles from the country they were overseeing.”


    1. f_lawless

      Alarming I would say! We’ve no way of knowing to what standards or set of criteria they’re deeming something to be “disinformation”. I’d prefer if anonymous corporate drones, suited or otherwise, weren’t deciding what information it’s appropriate for me to view or to share.

      “The social network has good reason to be proactive after Russians used the platform to influence American voters in the 2016 presidential election. ”
      Also, hard to believe NY Times is still trying to peddle that line about Russian meddling in the US election via Facebook ads when it’s long been comprehensively debunked and the firm who produced the report, New Knowledge, exposed as fraudsters who created fake Russian bots to back up their narrative. https://www.thenation.com/article/russiagate-elections-interference/

      1. johnny

        -this is pretty good deep dive i’m fairly agnostic on whole thing.
        “Early last year, Brad Parscale, who ran Trump’s digital operation during the first race, was tapped to lead the entire 2020 campaign. Parscale and Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, led the social media push that was an instrumental part of the president’s election. Parscale’s promotion is a sign of just how important the Facebook microtargeting remains for Trump’s campaign. It’s a point of pride for the team that some political insiders have “verbed” the campaign manager and referred to the maneuver of installing your digital chief at the top of your organization as “pulling a Parscale.”

        1. Dub Spot

          How about Dublin opens a command post to thwart Facebook employees meddling in the local housing market….

  12. johnny

    Great expose on Hunawi and other Aisan tech companies designing mind control chips as vaccines,using pig placenta.
    NYRB (New York Review of Books) reviews a few recent books on immunity-quite a decent read given the outbreak here in NY which has infected the Jews most,creating all sorts social tensions in Brooklyn and elsewhere.One my coworkers who’s parents are west coast hippies,faked his immunization forms so that he could attend school, they anti everything,he does not share their views and was apologetic,they have free micro chip implants in NY during this health crisis so he went got one,been sick since……

    “It is Reich’s book that may prove the most convincing to anti-vaxxers. She prefers a gentler approach than Kinch, pointing out as a sociologist that it’s generally counterproductive to portray vaccine-refusing parents as “foolish or ignorant at best, and sometimes even delusional or selfish.” She had all her own children vaccinated, and her reason for doing so is admirably succinct: “I trust that vaccines are mostly safe and I accept that we can each absorb minimal risk to protect those in our community who are most vulnerable.” Vaccines, she proposes, should be promoted less as medical interventions than as public health measures, comparable to safe drinking water, food inspection legislation, fire services, or air quality monitoring, “all of which would be difficult for an individual to accomplish alone on his or her own behalf.” She arranges her conclusions under headings that could stand as recommendations: “Stop Marketing Vaccines as Only for Individual Benefit”; “Address Profit Incentives”; “Earn Trust in Regulators”; and crucially, “Eradicate the Culture of Mother Blaming.” She asks that we recognize more broadly how measures for the public good often require the individual to give up some personal freedom to benefit the community, as Eula Biss does in On Immunity. Like Biss, Reich recognizes that vaccination is a social act as much as a personal one, and has reassured herself that any material used in vaccines is often more “natural” in origin than the drugs used to treat infectious disease.”


      1. johnny

        -yes its the team behind Huawei 50:)
        the volcanic ash allows the growing of both amazing coffee and Maui Wowi -a much sough after cult strain:)

  13. Nigel


    Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history “with grave impacts on people around the world now likely”, according to the most extensive evaluation of life on Earth.

    Leading specialists in biodiversity and conservation, conclude the loss of plants and animals is accelerating with 1,000,000 species now threatened with extinction due to human activity.

    The scale of this decline “is eroding the foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life worldwide”.

    The findings are in a landmark report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) issued in Paris on Monday after leading scientists and representatives of 132 governments including Ireland finalised the text after a three-year evaluation.

    The decline of nature is at a dangerous level with no country unaffected, and presents a challenge to the Planet on top on the threat of climate breakdown, the report warns. The scientists call for a similar degree of urgency to the international response to global warming to arrest species loss, because of a short timeframe to address the crisis is narrowing.

    The current global response to human-induced impairment of natural systems critical to the well-being of humans is “insufficient”, the UN body finds, while “transformative changes” are needed to restore and protect nature.

  14. johnny

    Tomorrow in Denver in a first for voters, they get decide if ‘shrooms should be legal-if you haven’t tried them i highly recommend them, quite a few people i know have had great success treating mild depression with micro dosing.I take them before concerts or festivals,during and after…….

    “The image of hallucinogens as chemicals that launch users into a swirling mélange of colors and voices, presumably impairing one’s ability to drive or operate heavy machinery, can be tough to overcome. But supporters say the mushrooms’ powerful mind-altering qualities can have long-term positive effects on addiction, depression, chronic pain, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, in addition to the eight-hour journeys into the mystic.”

    -this is the organization behind the initiative-its anticipated in next few years that they will become more widely used to treat depression and much more available-they already are in LA/NY :)


    Ireland really needs a serious conservation on drugs.

    1. rotide

      “Ireland really needs a serious conservation on drugs.”

      With any luck, people with your mental capacity won’t be involved in such conversations. Thinking that it’s fine to drive while under the effects of psilocybin might be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen on these pages

      1. Johnny

        Which part of serious are you struggling with ?
        Not sure why you took that quote out context and mangled it to suit your agenda,it was in reference to the ill informed ‘opinion’ people like you have.

        ‘Psilocybin is not addictive, does not lead to overdoses and is not thought to have long-term side effects, research has shown. It is a naturally occurring compound in some fungi. A number of studies have shown positive effects on people addicted to opioids, alcohol or tobacco, as well as diminished depression and anxiety. Researchers have found such benefits to mushrooms that the Food and Drug Administration has granted “breakthrough therapy” status to study psilocybin for treating depression. The FDA describes breakthrough therapy as designed to expedite development of a drug after preliminary evidence shows “the drug may demonstrate substantial improvement over available therapy.”

        The idea is the get the conservation started,but you’d prefer shut it down before it even begins,without having actually read one research paper,discussed it with people who’ve used it,attended any the quite amazing lectures on this topic.
        So much for a serious conservation about potentially life saving alternatives to opioids…

        ‘Taken properly, the mushroom can have profound effects, many studies have shown. “Classic psychedelic use is associated with reduced psychological distress and suicidality in the United States adult population,” a 2015 paper from the University of Alabama found. Imperial College London has published a number of studies showing positive effects on depression. And in 2006, researchers at Johns Hopkins University studied 36 people who took high doses of psilocybin and then were monitored for the next eight hours as they relaxed a couch and listened to classical music.‘

        Link above.

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