Impossible To Comprehend


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and former Minister for Health Mary Harney during a Project 2040 event at the University of Limerick last week

Imagine you are a woman diagnosed with cervical cancer and you stumble across this photo (above) taken a few days ago.

Or you are the husband or son or daughter or mother or father or brother or sister or friend of a woman who just died from that same preventable cancer.

Imagine our ex-Health Minister/current Leader grinning in joy at the jaunty speech being made by the funny woman at the podium.

This is the same leader who is forcing women terminally ill from cervical cancer to go to court to fight for basic dignity as they and their families prepare for death.

Imagine the stand-up at the podium is our ex-Tanasite/current Board Member of multiple Pharmaceutical Companies.

Along with her massive monthly state pension, she is also the woman who, despite countless warnings of fatal dangers, aggressively privatised-for-profit those same cervical smear tests.

Perhaps both parties should be dragged out of their beds in dawn raids. Perhaps they should be put on trial. Perhaps they should be thrown into jail with multiple convictions.

Instead, they’ve just appeared on stage together where he rocked in his seat in spasmodic glee as she killed her stand-up debut with a sizzling set about his infamous socks.

It’s impossible to comprehend the horror those women diagnosed with cancer might experience. To comprehend the heartbreak those long list of bereaved people might feel.

But imagine trying to comprehend the lack of empathy it takes to make trite jokes about a man’s socks while families are robbed of their mothers and women are robbed of their lives directly as a result of your premeditated policies.

Imagine living in a democracy where the murderous decisions of a comedy duo of laughing psychopaths aren’t just protected, they are celebrated.

This is not our Ireland.

Terry McMahon is a filmmaker and can be found on Twitter @terrymcmahon69

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Top pic: University of Limerick

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11 thoughts on “Impossible To Comprehend

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    this 2040 thing is a farce, they can’t prepare for tomorrow, let alone 21 years time. first off, they’d need to do work, something we all know by now as something they don’t do.

  2. newsjustin

    No. You can’t just point at a picture of a laughing politician and try to claim they’re basically laughing at people they’ve let down or issues they’ve failed at or ignored.

    I could claim Leo is laughing at aborted babies or elderly people on trolleys. It’s just not true. Maybe I’m not quick enough to outrage….Honestly, maybe I should be.

  3. Tony

    Imagine Terry nude on a wild Appalachian horse, a bitter mountain wind tossing his mane, flanks speckled with sweat.

    Now think about some dead babies.

    This is not Afghanistan.

    This is Coors Light.

  4. Mick

    I can not stand these two inept egos but we can’t judge every moment of a persons life as a comment on another.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Mary Harney. She banished BUPA from Ireland. The idea of course was to give VHI a free run to gouge. But Quinn took over and herself and the rest of the politicians managed to close Quinn insurance as well.

    Roll On a few years. Risk equalization was in place whereby everyone paid the same for health insurance. It’s still in place but the happy clappy Varadkar added another levy of equalization. Take out an insurance policy in your 30s and you get another levy slapped on.

    Two Of the most distrusted individuals sharing a stage.

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