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  1. Cú Chulainn

    I think it’s the sheer brazenness of the stroke on the broadband that gets me. Daylight robbery, ably abetted by the forth pillar (present company excepted). Hiding in plain sight.

    1. arthur_daly

      Get used to it
      First fianna fail destroy the economy
      Now fine Gael put the boot in to the taxpayer not once but twice

      Next what the 5 billion euro national maternity hospital

      And now it seems according to the times this is going to cost 5 billion not 3 billion
      Well lets face it you all voted them in
      Suck it up lads
      These make haughey an amateur

      Meanwhile in RTE another of mc courts ex employees from his discovery Chanel is the head honcho

    1. Rob

      That’s nothing. They’re complaining because that project is $100m (maybe €90m) over budget. That’s 2 decimal places away from a serious scandal in Ireland.

    1. arthur_daly

      And the beauty is when the contracts are signed we will be locked into a contract paying what ever they decide they want
      No going back now

      Anyway thank god I am old and not long to go before I die
      I will be spared paying through the nose for decades for the mis management of the countries finances

  2. eoin

    “Cost of national broadband project now set to top €5bn” reports the Irish Times

    And that appears to exclude the revenues that the operators will get from households, farms, businesses of what? Probably around €50 a month? If 20% of the 500,000 premises sign up, then that’s €300 million a year.

    So, in response to those who yesterday took issue with Denis O’Brien in €3bn contract because Denis’s Siteserv is just one in the consortium, knowing R Denis, IMO, he will be eyeing €3bn+. But who knows, the documents are silent on how much the consortium will get from what is the largest public sector contract ever.

    1. eoin

      And if you are talking about just 100,000 new households being connected, the €5bn cost reported on the front page of the Irish Times today equates to €50,000 per premises. These numbers are just crazy.

      We have the most expensive hospital in the world (by reference to the cost of each bed). We surely have the most expensive broadband in the world now.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The accidental taoiseach seems to have a craving for everything to be the biggest and best in the universe – a kind of legacy if you like. But it’s all ‘look at me, look at me’
        – Ireland’s first gay taoiseach.
        – builder of the most expensive hospital in the world
        – builder of the most expensive broadband per capital in the world

        – first sitting taoiseach to lose his dail seat

    2. SOQ

      Seán Fleming is chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and Fianna Fáil TD for Laois. He writes a good piece in the IT on the subject. Especially this-

      Eir has already stated it will, in the next three years, provide HSB in every town with more than 1,000 premises. It is worth noting that Eir already owns and will continue to own all the poles throughout the country that carry the broadband high-speed fibre. In some areas it is already envisaged that 4G, 5G and wireless technology may have a role to play.

      So Eir will be in direct competition with this plan then?


        1. Otis Blue

          If that were to be the case the €2.97bn Government investment would constitute state aid and thus be illegal under EU law.

  3. eoin

    You’d think this story about proceedings in the High Court yesterday would have had more profile in the mainstream media. The failed bidder in the allegedly corrupt award of the second mobile phone licence by then FG minister Michael Lowry to Denis O’Brien on 16 May 1996, yesterday won permission to proceed with their claim.

    “Ms Justice Teresa Pilkington rejected an application by the State and businessman Denis O’Brien, who are defendants in the case, to strike out the amendment application. Persona/Sigma is suing the Minister for Public Enterprise, the State and Mr O’Brien over the awarding of the licence to Mr O’Brien’s then Esat Digifone consortium in the mid-1990s. Former Fine Gael minister for communications Michael Lowry is a third party in the case. ”


  4. GiggidyGoo

    Daffy and Bruton cut a picture of dishonesty in the Dail yesterday. Their faces didn’t hide the fact that they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Daffy’s performance on the News at One yesterday showed up his ignorance of matters financial.
    Of course the broadband has diverted attention away a bit from Harris and Murphy”’s departments for a period leading up to the elections. At least that’s what Varadkar and Co. think.

  5. eoin

    “Leo Varadkar’s slip-up suggests €2bn rise in Metrolink bill” reports the Times Ireland today, picking up on an exchange in RTE’s News at One yesterday when Paschal Donohue was asked about Leo commenting on the *€5bn cost* of the proposed Metro (underground train) in north Dublin. The project was supposed to be costing €3bn. Paschal had no idea as no one had “brought a paper to me”.

    Fine Gael’s sell-by date probably expired a year or two ago. It must be time for FF to pull the plug at this gross incompetence (or worse).

  6. eoin

    “I know about [..] a major retail group here (still a big newspaper advertiser) who recently spent €225 on an Instagram advert which then generated over €17,000 in sales of the product (a women’s fashion item).”

    There’s an interesting enough commentary on the *proposed* Mediahuis takeover of INM in Irish Central today.

    Separately, filings suggest Mediahuis has now amassed a 30% stake, paying 10.35c a share for the most recent 3%.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      ……Irish central on Denis o Brien. …”…..most people at INM will be glad to see the back of him and the malign image he gave the newspaper group” will bite FG in the asre yet.

  7. martco

    anyone know how to invest a few quid in this [Granahan {xyz} McCourt] vehicle?

    can you do that down at Davy’s? maybe my bank manager would know?

    it sounds like a winner to me

  8. bisted

    …I’d say you’ll be able to do this sooner rather than later…when the contract is signed it becomes a huge asset which will be flipped immediately…

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