Richy Writes The Future


He’s back!

Further to Liverpool’s astonishing four goal Champions League victory over Barcelona last night.

Johnny Keenan writes;

Cork’s biggest Liverpool fan Kevin Murphy aka Richy Sheehy came to world wide recognition last year with his viral hit ‘Salah’.

A one off never to be achieved again, we thought.

UNTIL last night when the genius came up [on US sports site Bleacher Report] with what can only be described as divine inspiration.

With the melody of ABBA’s  Dancing Queen, Richie prophetically warbles: ‘We’re going to beat Messi/by more than three/in the Champions League…’

Thanks to the possibility of Kevin been able to tune in to another dimension for fortuitous inspiration, Liverpool have got to another Champions League final and their first premiership title in 31 years now also seems possible.


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12 thoughts on “Richy Writes The Future

    1. Chuckenstein

      I refused to click for the same reason. The first song fried my brain. Now, time to watch those goals again.

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Alrite alrite calm down, soft lads.

    It’s only a bit of craíc. I happen to know that Richy is a genuine massive fan. Isn’t he entitled to have a bit of fun.

    I understand it’s Liverpool and ye’re not use to fun times.

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