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  1. eoin

    The (daily) Phoenix reports Mary Robinson’s Climate Change Foundation is being wound up


    It’s vision was “by 2020 global justice and equity will underpin a people-centred, developmental approach to advancing climate justice and more effectively addressing the impacts of climate change.”

    So, Mission Accomplished on climate change, eh, Mary. Or are you just too busy schmoozing sociopathic Middle Eastern leaders who shelter Irish drug trafficking organisations?

      1. eoin

        I don’t know why it’s being wound up, but someone (Mary?) is in for a massive pay-day.

        At the end of 2017, the Foundation had net assets of over €1m, and had a cash balance of €1.1m. Nice.

        Mary Robinson is another fine upstanding national treasure that’s worth watching like a hawk.

        1. The Boss

          Mary “take-the-money-and-run” Robinson realises the gig is up. She can’t fool people for ever.

        2. Lilly

          ‘Mary Robinson is another fine upstanding national treasure that’s worth watching like a hawk.’

          + 1

  2. eoin

    “Beleaguered boss Green no longer a billionaire – rich list shock” says the Express.

    But, inside

    “According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Sir Philip’s fortune crashed from £1.05bn to around £950m in just one year.”

    So, (1) steal the news from the Sunday Times and (2) is a decline from an estimated (and you’re talking about ballparkiest of ballparks here) from 1.05bn to .95bn huge news?

    That’s newspapers for you.

    1. shayna

      Funny eoin, I was about to comment similarly on Sir Green – your bit about stealing news, I think it occurred from this site @ a year ago?

  3. eoin

    Does the prematurely wizened (IMO) Elaine Byrne have a job title?

    According to the Sunday Times today, she’s “the European Commission’s Irish expert on corruption “. Does it pay well?

    Elaine is suing Tipp FM (owned by the Independent commercial operator, Kerry Radio) “over interviews with local TD Michael Lowry and his solicitor.” She isn’t suing either Lowry or the solicitor, just the radio station.

    The Sunday Times says
    “Both [Michael, Lowry’s solicitor] Collins and Lowry attacked Byrne in their interviews. Collins claimed Byrne was involved in background efforts to prosecute Lowry. “

    1. Lilly

      No wonder she is prematurely wizened, she has packed so much in. I’m dizzy just reading about it on her website. And a triathlete to boot.

  4. eoin

    Another pee-poor Sunday for the Irish press.

    The SBP now seems to be nearly 50% homes for sale, car reviews and wine.

    The Sunday Times is a 5-minute read

    Does anyone need the star feature of the Sindo, Niamh Horan doing her stuff with the Tipperary murder trial? If you do, you can see all the Sindo’s stories here.

    As for the Mail! Not a word in any of the papers about the legal action taken by the DPP against the Mail, group editor Sebastian Hamilton and journalist Helen Bruce. Rag.

    Presumably the tabloids are doing their level bests not to appear sleazy with their coverage of the Lucan child murder trial.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Aye, we bought it.
      Nice little, very little even, Irish designer booklet for interiors with it… all too-mucho-expensive stuff, as usual for such a thing.

  5. millie st meadowlark

    Ah, here’s Ron to enlighten the rest of us plebs.

    Whatever would us thickos do without him to guide us?

      1. millie st meadowlark

        Oh and are you doing anything about it? Seeing as you know so much better than all those thick irish paddies you’re so fond of denigrating.

        I’m sure someone with such keen convictions such as yourself is eminently equipped to lead the charge for change.

  6. The Boss

    When they rig the opinion polls so they can rig the vote so they can divert our public treasure to their buddies, what can we do?

    Chucking them in the nearest boghole seems the mildest of solutions.

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