First Light


This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Participants, including Stephen McDonagh and Sharon Lawlor (above), at the Phoenix Park Darkness Into Light 2019 event supported by Electric Ireland in aid of Pieta House.

Thousands of people across 202 locations walked this morning worldwide against suicide.

Pieta House

Pics: Conor McCabe


In fairness.

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28 thoughts on “First Light

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Had no idea this had gone global. Fantastic – well done all. I’m in for next year.

    1. Chuckenstein

      Thought the same. No idea it was outside these shores. The UAE post is lovely.

      1. postmanpat

        Ironic when you consider the number of migrant workers that went out to work in the UAE under false pretenses , got their passports confiscated and committed suicide because they couldn’t leave and didn’t want to spend the rest of their lives as indentured slaves. Nice little business relationship Ireland has built with these scumbags.

  2. millie st murderlark

    Well done all. Missed out on my local one this year because of a prior obligation but it looks like it was another beautiful walk this morning.

      1. millie st meadowlark

        I’d have preferred the 4am run over where I ended up yesterday morning and that’s all I’ll say.

  3. SOQ

    I’ve had two experiences of suicide in my life. The first, a young man who was a keep fit fanatic, didn’t smoke or drink, married with two toddlers. All the girls in the office fancied him and a couple of the fellas too. One Christmas morning he walked into the garage and never came out.

    The second was a girl who at least on the surface was on top of the world. A larger than life character and great craic. Educated to forth level, own sports car and home, and could play two instruments to professional level- she could literally turn her hand to anything.

    Like everyone else, in both cases, I asked why?

    No one knows the reasons why because they vary but we do know that talking helps and that reaching out in times of crisis is crucial. Asking for help is a strength not a weakness but, sometimes it really takes courage.

    Events like Darkness Into Light continue to grow and show that there is hope; that there is support and above all, that there is another way. Look after yourselves and, look after each other. xx.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      the two I knew, lads in both cases had been badly heartbroken, don’t underestimate the hurt of a bad break-up, or play with people’s hearts,
      same as what Queen said really kind to each other

    2. eoin

      Suicide charities stress the “why” can be very complicated, interconnecting events, human nature, drugs, you name it.

      Always good to talk, and there are plenty of professionals who’ll give you a welcoming listening ear.

      Samaritans 01-671-0071
      Pieta House 021-439-5333

  4. Peter Dempsey

    In a week’s time someone will jump in front of a train and it will be described as an “incident” or a “personal tragedy”. Suicide won’t be mentioned

    1. SOQ

      Maybe you wording is a bit off there Peter but you do have a point. Sometimes suicide is covered up or not mentioned because the family feel a sense of shame or guilt. To be honest, I don’t think it is up to us to judge anyone in that situation.

      This sort of visibility is a good thing so all we can do is follow the example of those involved in Darkness Into Light and in our own way, try to reach out to someone in crisis. Hopefully, it will make a difference.

      I believe Darkness Into Light is now organising in NI where it is badly needed. NI has the highest suicide rate in either UK or Ireland of course.

      1. The Great Wall of Gammon

        Was in London during the week. It’s now described as ‘trespassing on the line’ on the underground.

        Not on this occasion, but I’ve witnessed it twice in London over the years. The imagery is etched in my brain and tears at me when I think of it. I try not to of course but it happened, it was real and so is suicide.

        I had a friend take his own life last St Stephen’s day. There are no words.

        This effort to highlight suicide is inspirational and to see it go global is an incredible thing.

        1. SOQ

          Perhaps there is a welfare element to it where in that context the more suicide is mentioned, the more likely it is for others? I don’t know. It is certainly disturbing to hear of it happening.

          I do recall reading that if a family member has previously committed suicide it is more likely and certainly up north there appears to be geographical clusters or pockets. Its like at some level it becomes normalised- which is very sad.

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