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Seán McCabe

Seán McCabe is ‘Independent/Community’ candidate for the Cabra/Glasnevin area for Dublin City Council in the Local Elections on May 24.

Seán is a scientist and works with the Think-tank for Action on Social Change (TASC). He is a Director of My Streets, a social enterprise that ’empowers people recovering from homelessness in Dublin’.

Seán writes:

The focus of my work is Climate Justice. I spent five years working with our former President, Mary Robinson, on climate justice and human rights policy.

I was involved in the negotiation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals. I now want to see these implemented locally.

I’m running as an Independent Community Candidate with the ambition of pushing for participation and human rights-based approaches to decision making in Dublin City Council.

My priorities:

Increase the supply of social and affordable homes
Protect renters and enforce rental legislation
Enable community participation in the improvement of public transport
Drive ambitious local action to make Dublin a world leader on tackling climate change.
Reverse biodiversity loss by creating new allotments and community gardens
Re-municipalise waste collection to end illegal dumping.
Support the inclusive redevelopment of Dalymount Park with cultural and recreational community facilities
Improve the quality of our community spaces by ensuring the full implementation of Local Environmental Improvements Plans

We must provide homes for people

Local authorities must get back into the business of building social housing. As a Councillor, I would push hard for local authorities to be empowered to borrow for housing. Loans would be remunerated using cost rents and the proceeds of property taxes.

I support the adoption of European models of mixed-income renting provided by public bodies. I would advocate for a reduction in property tax redistribution and ringfence the additional funding, along with income from council housing rents, for use on further social housing development.

I want to see Dublin sign on to the Municipal Declaration of Local Governments for the Right to Housing and the Right to the City.

We must protect tenants and control rents

As a renter myself, I understand all too well the uncertainty of renting a home. In the short-term, it is essential that the regulations on short-term letting, like accommodation let through Airbnb, are robustly implemented in order to add stock to the rental market.

I would look to build a coalition of support for a motion to create a publicly searchable index of the rents charged by landlords on a property-by-property basis to be managed by Dublin City Council.  This would prevent landlords flouting rules regarding rent increases.

We must act on climate change

I want to see Dublin become recognised as a global leader on climate action within the next five years. Dublin should be a leading member of the Compact of Mayors and the C40 Cities network – a group of cities globally that are taking bold climate action, leading the way towards a healthier and sustainable future.

Sean McCabe

If you are running as an independent candidate in the forthcoming Local or European Elections, perhaps lack resources and would like to share your manifesto (under 500 words) with Broadsheet readers and potential constituents, send your proposals with headshot to

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12 thoughts on “Meet Your Independent Candidate

  1. missred

    He sounds like a reasonable sort, pity I can’t vote for him as I’m not in the local area.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m guessing this means they live and work in the community and so are reachable to the community. Not hiding out in an ivory tower and sending a christmas card every year.

      1. millie st meadowlark

        One of the candidates in my area could easily describe himself as that, and he’s a councillor already. He lives in an apartment down the road from me.

        That doesn’t change the fact that he’s pig ignorant and as rude as they come unless it’s election season.

  2. eoin

    “My Streets, a social enterprise that ’empowers people recovering from homelessness in Dublin’.”

    My Streets Homeless Walking Tours Company Limited by Guarantee? The Drogheda-based company which gets homeless people to do walking tours for tourists and the like, in Drogheda?

          1. Sventy

            Is this a biblical reference?

            Or some new Green policy I am unaware of?

            Will this bring forth the vague millennial event known as “Climate Justice”?

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