Speaketh The Bard


A Limerick A Day giant John Moynes (left) and his first volume of long-form poetry, Scenes of Moderate Violence (Unbound)

Anything good in the Irish Times?

“I like rhyme, I like structures and I like rules. I love a good sonnet. I’m a hoor for a villanelle. Some of these things have fallen out of fashion in the poetry world, just as poetry has been falling out of fashion in the actual world….”

Poet John Moynes.


‘I’m a hoor for a villanelle. I like a good joke. Poetry criticism often doesn’t’ (Irish Times)

John will be launching we’ll be launching ‘Scenes of Moderate Violence’ on Wednesday, May 15 in the Pearse Centre, pearse Street, Dublin 2 at 6pm.

Scenes Of Moderate Violence (Unbound)

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John’s portrait by Alan O’Regan

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10 thoughts on “Speaketh The Bard

      1. Boj

        I’ll schit down later with a cuppa tae and flounder through it. I did like on the ‘super patrons’ page, John writes “Broadsheet dot ie” Haha…dunno if its a typo but I really hope its not!

  1. Gary Flood

    Fair play, John. Got my BS prize book today and it’s terrific. Best of luck with it.

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