6 thoughts on “Wall O’ Cats

  1. LeopoldGloom

    Wow. guts of €400 quid for stuff that is about a tenth of that in materials and maybe another tenth on labour. People are silly (cats are not, and they will one day o’ertake)

    1. dhod

      if I went to the hassle and expense of one of these I’d imagine my cat would ignore it and go back to his happy place – behind the washing machine on a pile of old plastic bags

  2. eoin

    For the creatures that regularly get stuck up trees? Are these things designed by dogs?

    1. millie st meadowlark

      You’ve clearly never seen my dear cat scrabbling up a perfectly flat wall in a desperate attempt to attack the lampshade

      1. SOQ

        Princess Psychopath (my cat) has an issue with toys full stop. The average lasts about half an hour. Robust rope type ones- two days.

        She’d have that in bits before it was fully up.

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