Stop The Bus


‘Message in a bottle’?


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15 thoughts on “Stop The Bus

  1. Sventy

    “What if female drivers have their periods or are pregnant and peeing”

    Women’s problems.

    Who let them drive anyway?

  2. garthicus

    I often see pee filled bottles at the back of Dun Laoghaire train station where the buses park. They really shouldn’t be reduced to peeing in a bottle. (They also shouldn’t be littering)

  3. George

    There was a bus driver commenting on a article once who said sometimes he has to take a crap in a newspaper upstairs on the bus.

  4. Slightly Bemused

    One time, the bus pulled up to the stop in my town, just beside the petrol station. The driver apologised as he ran off in the direction of the station, not locking the bus behind him. When he returned, he again apologised but ’twas a call of nature. Poor guy must have tried to hold it for ages across twisty, turny, bumpy Kildare roads.

    I later checked with another driver on the same route who I knew well. apparently our station was one of the few that allowed the drivers free use of the facilities, with others on the route being openly hostile. The pub on the other side of the road also does, but it used be one of the old CIE contact points, back in the day.

    And fair dues to the station!

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