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Hand THEM a leaflet at the door.

Dani McCabe writes:

I am writing to you on behalf of Standing 4 Women, a group that was formed a year ago in response to the Cervical Check Scandal.

We have launched our most recent campaign, Canvass Your Candidate, with the intent to make sure those who would ask for our votes can align with us in Standing 4 Action against the continues failures of Cervical Check, the HSE and the Irish Government.

Above are the leaflets that accompany the campaign that your readers are welcome to save and print at home from our Facebook page (at link below).

Many local Standing 4 Women groups all over the country will be knocking on doors and holding stalls ahead of Local Election Candidates to encourage voters to ask these questions and push for commitment from those who’d take positions in local government to actively resolve the many issues still with no progress or resolutions.

Standing 4 Women

6 thoughts on “An Election Issue

  1. :-Joe

    Sure, I’ll support that along with the commitment to push for social housing by any decent respectable hard working local independant candidate amongst a few other issues.

    BTW: Do yourself a favour by standing up for human rights, privacy and decency by not using facederp, ( A silicon valley black hole american corporate advertising and marketing company) as your main page for communicating your message. Just post links to a website or blog etc


  2. baz

    with all due respect aren’t they aware that these are local elections for local authorities

  3. Joe Small

    Serious issue, ridiculous post. “Did the candidate attend these rallies in solidarity?” What is the relevance of this to a local or European election candidate? Do you need to attend a rally to care?!
    These single issue campaigns (it was bike safety earlier) actually undermine the political process.
    Wouldn’t it be wiser to elect a person who, in general, reflects your political beliefs, and who you think will act honorably in whatever political messes they face?

    1. Cian

      I think that single-issue campaigns do have a place in democracy – but they need to relevant to the political position.

      Canvassing councillor candidates on bike safety and cycle lanes is okay – the councillors have some control over the creation/maintenance of cycle-lanes and other bicycle-related infrastructure.

      Canvassing European election candidate on bike safety and cycle lanes [or housing, or cervical check, …] is not okay – this is not something they can affect (unless you specifically are looking for EU-wide legislation).

      1. GiggidyGoo

        They’re all from the same gene pools (FG FF SF LAB etc). They are mostly Party politicians. Any issue is valid, no matter if they’re Co Councillors, TDs, or EU gravy train people. Once they run on a party political ticket, or as independents they are not to be excused from being asked whatever their potential voters are into asking about.

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